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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 25 February 2013


Report of the Leader


External Funding Applications


Purpose of the Report

1.         To inform Cabinet of external funding applications submitted/allocated to maximise the amount of external funding grant sought/utilised to support the delivery of corporate objectives;


1.         That Cabinet approves the Council act as lead body for revenue funding allocated to the SaferVale Partnership. The Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour Grant 2012/13 of £56,466, the Safer Communities Fund 2012/13 of £188,576 and the Substance Misuse Action Fund 2012/13 of £600,479;

2.         That Cabinet approves the submission of an application to Welsh Government for additional funding of £141,389 to be deployed by the Creative Rural Communities Partnership to enhance and extend elements of the Creative Rural Communities Programme until June 2015;

3.         That, Council be requested to increase the Capital Programme by £20,000 in 2013/14 to reflect the match funding required as a contingency for the Creative Rural Communities Programme, subject to grant being accepted.  

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.         To maximise resources available to the Safer Vale Partnership to support work with other statutory, voluntary and community organisations that prevents crime and disorder and the fear of crime;

2.         To maximise resources available to the Creative Rural Communities Partnership to support economic opportunities available to the rural economy and the quality of life of local residents      

3.         To reflect the match funding potentially required for the creative rural communities programme.



2.         Corporate Management Team previously agreed procedures to improve the way in which the Council assess and co-ordinates its bids for external grant.

3.         An External Funding Framework covers the practicalities of maximising external funding opportunities to meet corporate objectives. The framework highlights the criteria that potential applicants must address and those applying for external grant to minimise risk to the Council.   

Relevant Issues and Options

Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour 2012/13

4.         The Safer Vale Partnership receives an annual revenue allocation from the Home Office to provide services that address crime and disorder issues in the Community. £56,466 was awarded in 2012/13.

5.         The Partnership utilises the funding to address the priorities resulting from their strategic assessment which now feeds into the Vale of Glamorgan Community Strategy.

6.         In 2011/12 the revenue funding awarded to Community Safety Partnerships was cut by 20% with a further 20% reduction for 2012/13. This funding stream will transfer to the newly elected Police Crime Commissioner from 2013. The PCC will then determine where, across South Wales, this funding will be allocated.

7.         The Safer Vale Partnership has utilised the revenue funding available for 2012/13 to contribute towards the following partnership support posts:

8.         Anti Social Behaviour (ASB)/Prolific Priority Offender Co-ordinator (£17,795) - Provides a contribution towards the salary, on-costs, travel and occupancy costs for the employment of a co-ordinator which co-ordinates the partnership's response to antisocial behaviour and prolific offending, ensuring that the local authority's statutory obligations for ASB and offending are met.    

9.         Partnership Support Assistant (£17,194) - Provides a contribution towards the salary, on costs, occupancy and training costs to employ a partnership support assistant who provides secretariat support for the partnership including collation of all performance monitoring information.

10.      Data Analyst (£15,108) - Contribution towards the employment of a Data Analyst which provides the analytical support that is required to inform the local authority and partners where resources should be directed to address crime and disorder.

11.      Community Engagement Officer (£6,368) - Contribution towards the salary, on-costs and occupancy costs for the post above which co-ordinates all the community engagement activities that are attended by the partnership throughout the Vale as well as the development and delivery of campaigns to raise safety awareness.

Safer Communities Fund 2012/13

12.      The purpose of the Safer Communities Fund (SCF) is to support implementation of the principles of the all Wales Youth Offending Strategy (AWYOS), published jointly by the then Assembly Government and the Youth Justice Board (YJB) in July 2004. The AWYOS provides a national framework for preventing offending and re-offending among children and young people in Wales. The aim of the strategy is to make a real and significant reduction in the rates of youth offending in Wales.

13.      £188, 576 was awarded in 2012/13. The fund supports the action taken locally to identify children and young people at risk of offending and to provide appropriate programmes to re-engage and divert these children and young people, aged 8-18, away from offending behaviour.

14.      The Safer Vale Partnership has identified 3 strands of work that would address offending and the risk of offending, these were:

Preventing young people from further offending;

Intervening where young people were exhibiting risky behaviour;

Supporting young people who are perpetrators and victims of ASB.

15.      Services commissioned by the Partnership are Recurring Funded Services and Non-Recurring Funded Services. Recurring services are those that are needed to address long term need in the Vale and meet the requirements of the Community Strategy.   

16.      Prevention Programme (£83,576): Commissioned services from the Youth Offending Services to reduce offending behaviour with young people referred to the service.

17.      Intervention Programme (£70,000): Commissioned from the Youth Service to provide structured intervention programmes for those young people referred to the prevention service at evenings, weekends and with family and peer groups. Service works closely with ASB Unit to assess levels of reported youth related ASB in hotspot areas and to provide any additional support needs required by these young people.   

18.      ASB Support (£35,000): Contribution to the ASB Unit for the cost of supporting youth related anti social behaviour.

19.      From 2013 the Welsh Government is allocating the SCF fund across regions, coterminous with local health board areas. Each local authority has been asked to submit a business case for those services that can be developed across county borders.         

Substance Misuse Action Fund 2012/13

20.      The Safer Vale Partnership receives an annual allocation from the Welsh Government to provide services that tackle substance misuse treatment and prevention that complements the Welsh Government's Strategy for Wales 'Working Together to Reduce Harm'.

21.      An annual allocation is given to all Community Safety Partnerships in Wales. The SaferVale Partnership has confirmed funding of £600,479 for 2012/13.

22.      Each community safety partnership's allocation is overseen by an Area Planning Board. This board is made up of senior managers from all statutory and non statutory bodies that have an interest in the outcomes from commissioned substance misuse services. The Area Planning Board for the Vale of Glamorgan is coterminous with the university health board area; therefore the Vale's allocation is reviewed alongside Cardiff's allocation to ensure that the most appropriate services are commissioned across the locality.

23.      Each year the Partnership conducts a strategic assessment, a resource analysis, of all services in the Vale. The assessment identifies gaps in services or community need. Using the information from this assessment, the Partnership priorities their treatment and support needs and the information is provided to the Area Planning Board for future service planning.

24.      Services and allocations are identified at a locality level, but each local authority area is required to submit proposals against their funding allocations to the Welsh Government for approval.  Each local authority is the grant recipient for services in their area.

25.      The 2012/13 financial year is a transitional year for this funding stream and will be the last year that the Vale of Glamorgan Council will be the grant recipient for this funding stream. Existing substance misuse contracts are being reviewed prior to their transfer to Cardiff Council. The grant recipient body from April will be Cardiff Council who will administer all substance misuse contacts across the two counties. The Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board will continue to oversee the commissioning of services across both local authority areas.   

26.      Welsh Governments 10-year substance misuse strategy outlines the four key areas that commissioned services need to address. The Partnership has identified the following services for delivery in 2012/13:

Adult Alcohol Service                                                            £34,500

Adult Drug Service                                                                 £75,750

Alcohol Detox places (contribution)                                                  £2,850

Cardiff Addictions Unit (CAU) Joint Service Delivery      £52,750

Commissioning and Co-ordination Support                     £37,715

Contribution to residential detoxification                           £32,600

Dual Diagnosis Project (bank staff)                                                  £5,000

Family Support Service for Substance Misuse                 £90,486

Gobaith Programme Contribution                                       £22,250

Harm Reduction Initiatives                                                     £4,276

Needle Safety Campaign                                                     £10,000

Pabrinex Prescribing Project                                                £12,000

Primary Care Services                                                           £119,557

Seasonal Enforcement Activities (Cardiff & Vale)                       £30,000

Shared Care Nurse Contribution                                        £28,865

Vale counselling contribution                                              £9,780           

Young Person Drug Service                                                £32,100

27.      A number of reallocations have been submitted to the Welsh Government following a review of local need. The table above lists the allocations for this year as of 31st December 2012.          

Creative Rural Communities Enhancement and Extension Post 2013

28.      The application relates to funding from the Rural Development Plan for Wales to enhance and extend the Creative Rural Communities programme. Business Plan 2 of the Rural Partnership covered the period 1st March 2011 to 31st December 2013 and was approved for submission by Cabinet on 21st July 2010 (Min C997).

29.      The Welsh Government has offered all Rural Partnership areas the opportunity to bid for additional funding to enhance existing projects and to extend the life of projects by one year until the end of December 2014. This is due to delays in reforms in Europe on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), any new RDP programmes in Wales are likely to be delayed. The aim of the exercise is to bridge the gap between the current programme and the new programme to limit the loss of momentum and knowledge.

30.      Funding being sought to bid for additional funding for the following project activity:

31.      Pride in our Farming Families - Diversification into Non-agricultural activities - Provision of grants up to £40,000 to support Farming families to support their income by diversification into other business areas - £23,900

32.      Pride in our Services             - Basic Services for the Economy and Rural Population - support to both retain and enhance rural villages and the connectivity between villages and key locations throughout the rural Vale. Capital funding for elements of the National Cycle Network within the rural Vale - £22,500

33.      Pride in our Villages - Village Renewal and Development - implementation of holistic approach to physical regeneration to be delivered through an identification of need and the provision of small-scale capital grants of up to £40,000 - £32,607

34.      Pride in our Heritage - Conversation and Upgrading of the Rural Heritage - improvements to the physical environment of villages and conservation of the rural heritage. The project to be delivered through three strands - support for events that encourage the heritage of the rural Vale, co-ordinated activity to encourage young people to engage in heritage and grant support for the refurbishment of publically accessible built heritage within the Vale. Grants of up to £70,000 available to support investment in natural, cultural and heritage  - £29,326

35.      Pride in the Vale - Community Engagement and Slow Tourism - £33,055

36.      The Vale of Glamorgan Local Action Group and Partnership team would be extended until March or June 2015 depending on enhancement funding being received.   

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

37.      The Home Office allocation of crime reduction and anti social behaviour funding for the Vale of Glamorgan for 2012/13 is £56,466. The funding is non-ring fenced and is allocated to the Safer Vale Partnership to deliver services that meet the priorities of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, Police and Crime Act 2006, Police and Justice Act 2007 together with local priorities within the Community Strategy. Without this funding the Vale of Glamorgan would be unable to meet these obligations.

38.      This allocation has historically allowed the partnership to fund co-ordinators to ensure all voluntary and statutory partners are engaged in delivering effective services and support to reduce crime and the fear of crime. This activity is within the guidelines of the allocation.

39.      The Safer Communities revenue funding allocated to the Safer Vale Partnership for 2012/13 is £188,576.

40.      Welsh Government has allocated the Vale of Glamorgan £600,479 revenue funding under the Substance Misuse Action Fund for 2012/13. The fund contributes towards the cost of the Anti Social Behaviour Unit. SaferVale personnel employed via grants are on temporary contracts.

41.      The total amount of funding applied for from the Rural Development Plan for Wales to enhance and extend the Creative Rural Communities Programme until June 2015 is £141,389.  The Vale Council match funding required from within the existing £200,000 identified in the Capital programme equates to £20,955. By extending the programme and enhancing projects it will mean the Council is more exposed to risk on its match funding but officers are confident, based on past experience and current profile of comment that 100% of grants can be committed. An additional £20,000 has been requested from the Councils Capital Programme as a contingency sum via the bidding process. It is currently in the Final Capital Programme Proposals Report. 

42.      The funding to extend the Creative Rural Communities programme would enable existing temporary contracts for 5 full time and 4 part time staff employed to deliver the creative rural communities programme to be extended. Staff employed to administer the programme (Partnership Team and Local Action Group) would be extended to June 2015 (2 full time and 2 part time staff). Staff employed to deliver specific projects until December 2014 (3 full time and 2 part time employees).     

43.      Redundancy costs all for all the posts to be recovered from the external grant regimes.            

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

44.      A number of the projects developed and supported by the Creative Rural Communities Programme enhance the environment and promote sustainability within the rural community.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

45.      Appropriate contractual arrangements are entered into, as appropriate.  

Crime and Disorder Implications

46.      The grants channelled via the Safer Partnership have a positive impact on crime and disorder in the Vale of Glamorgan. Grant funding enables the employment of staff which supports the anti social behaviour team, a data analyst, community engagement officer and the commissioning of various services which address offending and the risk of offending. 

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

47.      The grants would support all members of the community, specifically targeting those who reside in disadvantaged areas.

48.      A number of the Creative Rural Communities projects will improve access to, and provision of basic services in the rural communities, a core theme of the Local Development Strategy. For example the provision of grants enabling small-scale capital investment in buildings and other capital investments to the public realm within villages. There is also an emphasis on women and young people within the Rural Local Development Strategy, with projects being designed with their needs in mind.       

Corporate/Service Objectives

49.      The crime reduction and anti-social behaviour grant 2012/13, safer communities fund 2012/13 and substance misuse action fund 2012/13 meet priority outcome 9 'Residents & visitors are safe and feel safe and the Vale is recognised as a low crime area'.

50.      The package of projects developed within business plan 2 of the Rural Partnership are the best fit between the eligibility rules of the funding streams, the needs, aspirations and priorities of the Rural Partnership and the specific project ideas which emerged from the broader consultation.

51.      The RDP grant will support a number of corporate objectives including Improvement Objective 3 'to promote through partnership working greater co-operation with other organisations that deliver services in the Vale, thereby improving the quality of life of its citizens' and Objective 29 'to encourage economic growth in partnership with others in order to widen employment opportunities in the Vale'. The funding will specifically help the authority deliver Corporate Plan action R8 'Implement the Regeneration Strategy to encourage private sector investment and to progress economic and environmental issues in the Vale'.       

Policy Framework and Budget

52.      This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

53.      The SaferVale Partnership conducts an annual assessment which includes an analysis of data from partner agencies to identify priorities that the partnership should address for the coming year. This data together with feedback and monitoring reports from each service allows the partnership to decide whether to commission, reconfigure or decommission services.

54.      The SaferVale Partnership regularly meets with commissioned services to assess service delivery, targets and emerging trends in behaviour and need. This indicates where service gaps are and in turn the agencies which need to work together to improve their services.

55.      The services commissioned from the Substance Misuse Action fund are existing services. All services are reviewed locally through the partnership's working group whose membership includes local authority, police, health, probation and voluntary sector personnel. Local concerns on services are discussed at the Area Planning Board level whose membership includes senior management personnel from police, health, probation and Welsh Government. The Vale of Glamorgan is represented at this Board through the Head of Public Protection, Head of Children' and Young Peoples' Services and Head of Adult Services.

56.      The Vale of Glamorgan Rural Partnership undertook extensive consultation within the local community to develop the projects proposed to ensure they reflected the needs and aspirations of public, private and voluntary stakeholders. A series of workshops were held to invite views from residents, businesses, voluntary groups and public sector organisations that operate in the area on the social and economic changes impacting on the rural area and their ideas/priorities for intervention. A variety of tools were used to engage stakeholders including twitter and electronic/hard copies of questionnaires distributed at Council run buildings, village halls, through Town and Community Councillors, Elected members etc.

57.      The results of the consultations were collated and distributed to the Rural Partnership and utilised during workshops held to develop the projects comprised in business plan 2.   

58.      A number of Council departments were involved in the design of projects to ensure proposed activities dovetailed with existing activity and maximise opportunities to share best practice.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

59.      Corporate Resources

Background Papers

External funding proforma - crime reduction & anti social behaviour 2012/13;

External funding proforma - safer communities fund 2012/13

External funding proforma - substance misuse action fund 2012/13

External Funding proforma - Creative Rural Communities Enhancement and Extension Post 2013


Contact Officer

Mike Jones

Business Manager (Partnerships)


Officers Consulted

Sarah Potts - Community Safety Officer

Mike Bumford - Senior Accountancy Assistant  

Phil Chappell - Principal Rural Regeneration Officer

Laura Davis - Senior Accountant


Responsible Officer:

Huw Isaac

Head of performance and Development