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The views of the Committee were sought on the revised draft Corporate Plan 2013-17 which had been amended in response to comments received through the recent consultation.  Consultation had been undertaken between

19th November and 28th December 2012.  Amendments had been made to the Plan in light of comments received and a copy of the feedback report was appended to the report.  Members noted that the majority of comments received focused on issues around health and wellbeing and employment and skills and a number of amendments had been made to reflect the comment received.


Attention was drawn to the fact that the priorities in the draft Plan were consistent with the priority outcomes in the Community Strategy, which was an integrated partnership strategy.  The Plan was structured around eight priority outcomes which were carried forward into Service Plans to ensure consistency and focus.  The practice whereby all Scrutiny Committees received regular reports on progress in delivering Service Plans would continue.  The Head of Performance and Improvement stated that the whole process of the Corporate Plan had proceeded in tandem with the budget process to ensure that the objectives contained therein were affordable.


In response to subsequent questions, confirmation was given that the Plan made reference to the proposed sustainable development responsibilities Welsh Government was currently consulting on and that the draft Plan had been sent to all Town and Community Councils.  Given the low level of response from the same, a suggestion was made that, in the future, Town and Community Councils be asked to submit a nil return should they have no comments on the content of the Plan which would, at minimum, indicate receipt of the Plan and, at best, imply acquiescence with its content.  The Head of Service considered that the lack of responses would be better addressed when the Charter with Town and Community Councils was being reviewed shortly.


The Managing Director indicated that the Plan was under constant review based on the budget in order to ensure that its content was both achievable and affordable.  As regards the Council’s priorities and the role of partner organisations in delivering those priorities, the Head of Service indicated that the Corporate Plan was developed out of the Community Strategy which was drawn up by the Council and partners but that the Council had direct control and responsibility for the contents and delivery of the Corporate Plan.  A suggestion was made that the Plan should contain more in relation to, for example, job creation.  Following further consideration, the Chairman proposed that Cabinet be requested to consider including a reference to the promotion of Fair Trade by the Council within the section of the Plan entitled “Promoting Sustainability” and possibly elsewhere.


RECOMMENDED – T H A T the changes to the Plan be noted, that Cabinet be asked to consider including reference to the promotion of Fair Trade by the Council within the Plan and that it be noted that the Plan would be submitted to Council for consideration on 6th March, 2013.


Reason for recommendation


To have regard to the information submitted and to invite Cabinet to consider a further amendment to the Plan as indicated above."




Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources): 8th February, 2013