Matter which the Chairman has decided is urgent by reason of the need to implement the proposed fees and charges on 1st April, 2013



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The proposed charges for Visible Services were set out in the appendices to the report as below:


-               Appendix 1: Waste Management and Cleansing

-               Appendix 2: Highways and Engineering

-               Appendix 3: Parks and Grounds Maintenance

-               Appendix 4: Parks and Grounds Maintenance and Porthkerry Cemetery.


The Director of Visible Services and Housing presented the report by advising that due to ongoing increases in landfill charges it was proposed to increase commercial waste charges for residual waste by 10%.  Whilst these above inflation level costs may detrimentally affect a number of commercial businesses, he advised that the private sector had a choice as to whether to use the Council’s refuse collection and recycling service or an alternative service provider. 


With regard to kerbside recycling, it was proposed not to increase the cost of reusable green bags currently priced at £1 and that the charges for biodegradable sacks would also be set at the same value as the last six years at three sacks for £1.  As part of the continued Waste Awareness Campaign and the wish to limit the future use of plastic carrier bags, it was also being proposed to keep the cost of the jute reusable shopping bags at 50p each.  All other waste charges were proposed to be increased by 3%.  The Director further stated that he did not propose to increase the charges for coastal car parks but to keep these charges the same as in 2012 / 2013 at £4.00 / day. 


IN presenting the report the Director also referred to the following :-


Parks and Grounds Maintenance (Appendix 3)


The proposal was all charges in Parks and Grounds Maintenance, with the exception of cemetery costs, be increased by 3%. 

Parks and Grounds Maintenance and Porthkerry Cemetery (Appendix 4)


As in previous years, the charges proposed had been put forward by Barry Town Council who managed the Cemetery on behalf of the Vale Council.

In referring to football clubs the report highlighted that there were a number of senior clubs that benefited from additional maintenance and facilities due to their positions within higher leagues. A number of which had bespoke licence agreements with the Council, and in most cases this resulted in them paying less per game than clubs in the local Vale of Glamorgan League. In return the clubs however, usually undertook limited pitch preparation work and provided staffing cover for certain pavilions. The proposal was for all of these agreements to be reviewed and a policy established which assisted in controlling the numbers of pitches set aside for higher league football for the future, whilst also ensuring that the full costs of the increased standards of provision were recovered.  The Director stated that as draft policy on this issue would be submitted to the Scrutiny Committee for consideration during 2013/14.


It was noted that Parkwood Leisure was responsible for taking bookings for football matches on an interim basis but that this was currently under review. The report proposed that the Director of Visible Services and Housing be granted delegated authority to agree any suitable alternative pitch booking arrangements and to vary the fees for senior football for 2013/14 in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks Culture and Sport Development; should a more reliable, lower cost pitch booking arrangement become available.              


Following consideration of the report it was subsequently  




(1)       T H A T the Scrutiny Committee supports the charging and fee proposals for Visible Services as set out in the report and the Appendices.


(2)       T H A T the proposed fees and charges as contained within the report and the Appendices be forwarded to Cabinet for approval.


(3)       T H A T Cabinet be requested to consider that a further report detailing a draft policy for the future arrangements for the playing of high league football on Council owned pitches be presented to the Scrutiny Committee in 2013/14.


(4)       T H A T Cabinet be requested to consider that the Director of Visible Services and Housing be granted delegated authority, in consultation with the Cabinet Member for Leisure, Parks, Culture and Sport Development, to agree an alternative arrangement for the payment of football pitch booking fees and any variation to such fees required as a result.




Reasons for recommendations


(1)       To demonstrate the Committee’s support for the charge increases proposed for 2013/14.


(2)       For Cabinet approval.


(3)       For Cabinet approval in order to establish a policy for the use of Council owned pitches for higher league football in the future and to ensure that all additional costs of such are appropriately recovered.


(4)       For Cabinet approval to permit a prompt decision on any changes to the current booking system and any resulting variation to pitch fees for the 2013/14 period.”






Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 12th February 2013