Agenda Item No.





Minutes of a meeting held on 13th March, 2013.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chairman)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mrs. C. Dimond (Vice-Chairman)

Cardiff Flood Action Committee

Councillor G. Roberts

Penarth Town Council

Mr. I. Aitken

Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Mr. A. Parker


Mr. S. Jones

Quay Marinas Ltd.


Also present:


Mr. S. Howell

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. P. Andrews

Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association

Mr. C. Hope

Vale of Glamorgan Council



(a)       Apologies for Absence –


These were received from Councillor A. Govier (Cardiff Council), Councillor H. Thomas (Cardiff Council), Mr. M. Chidlow (Harbour Master Associated British Ports), Ms. S. Newbold (British Marine Federation) and Mr. J. Harrison (Environment Agency Wales).



(b)       Minutes –


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 16th January, 2013 be accepted as a correct record.



(c)        Matters Arising –


There were no matters arising.



(d)       Navigational Safety Issues – Cardiff Harbour Authority - Mr S. Howell –


A repair and refurbishment programme was underway for all navigation aids in the Bay and rivers in readiness for the increase in boat use at Easter.  There had been no navigation issues since the last meeting.


Stakeholder consultation meetings had been arranged with the local clubs to raise awareness of the Harbour Authority and also reinforce navigational safety issues.  These would take place at:



            Cardiff Yacht Club – Friday, 15th March

            Cardiff Bay Yacht Club – Tuesday, 19th March

            Penarth Yacht Club – Thursday, 11th April.



(e)       Timetable of Meetings –


The report suggested dates for future meetings of the Committee as detailed below:





Wednesday, 18th September, 2013 at 5.15 p.m.


Cardiff Bay Harbour Authority Offices


Wednesday, 20th November, 2013 at 5.15 p.m.




Wednesday, 15th January, 2014 at 5.15 p.m.




Wednesday, 12th March, 2014 at 5.15 p.m.




Wednesday, 4th June, 2014 at 5.15 p.m. (Annual Meeting)




AGREED – T H A T the Timetable of Meetings as detailed above be approved.



(f)         Progress Update - Cardiff Harbour Authority - Mr. Simon Howell –


There had been no oxygen level issues since the last meeting.  The autumn rainfall continued through the winter period and with the saturated ground increased runoff rates into the rivers.  Over 450 cumecs was recorded on two occasions with the Bay level rising to 5.8 metres AOD twice. This caused flooding of the frontage of Roald Dahl Plasse, although this was designed to flood.


The area was cordoned off, and following the drop in tide level and the Bay reducing back down to normal levels, the area was cleaned and brought back into use.  Debris also brought down during high flows was removed from the booms and the Bay area, although this can sometimes take a number of days to achieve.  Flood levels of around 5.8 metres AOD causes flooding up to the area around the bridge over the oval basin entrance.


The barrage bridge repairs had commenced and the first bridge should be completed before the Easter Bank Holiday.  The second and third bridge repairs were intended to then follow on after the holiday was over.


Bearing repairs had been completed to sluices 1 and 3.  The bearings to sluice 2 had now been removed and these were being repaired and it was expected that all five sluices will be operational by Easter.


Winter maintenance of the fish pass had been completed and this was back in operation ready for the salmon migration season.


The erosion repairs to the barrage maintenance track were nearing completion and the repairs to the operational Wharf were complete.  New timber handrailing had been provided to the fencing around Roald Dahl Plasse and the area had been resurfaced.  The events area near the environmental building had also been surfaced using a recycled rubber material.  This would make this area more event friendly and reduce the need for temporary surfacing to be brought in for major events such as the home nations rowing championships and the extreme sailing event.


Cardiff had been selected as a host port for the 2017/18 edition of the Volvo Round the World Yacht Race.  This would be the largest water based event held in the city and would have major economic benefits to the city and surrounding areas when it is held.



(g)       Any Other Business –


            (i)         LED Lighting


Councillor G. Roberts referred to the LED lighting which was to be installed alongside the environment building on the barrage inner harbour walkway and asked if the lighting had been installed.


Mr. Howell advised that the lighting had not been installed yet as a more permanent solution was being considered.


When installed, it was proposed that the new system would be trialled along part of the route.



            (ii)        Groundwater Monitoring


Mrs. Dimond asked if she could be supplied with the latest Groundwater Monitoring figures.


Mrs. Dimond also referred to the Annual Report of the Groundwater Complaints Administrator, and asked if this could be made available to the Committee.



            (iii)       Tourism Pamphlet


Mr. Andrews circulated copies of a pamphlet produced by Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association, with support from the Vale of Glamorgan Council Tourism Department in an attempt to attract visitors to Cardiff Bay to then visit Penarth.


A poster had also been produced.



(h)        Date of Next Meeting –


AGREED – T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 5th June, 2013 at 5.15 p.m. in the Cardiff Harbour Authority Offices.