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The Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cabinet Meeting: 24 March, 2014

Report of the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation.

Nell's Point and Former Conveniences, Barry Island.

Purpose of the Report

1.         To update Members on the bids received following the marketing of the sites at Nell's Point and the former Conveniences building at Barry Island, and to recommend a way forward.


1.         That none of the current bids for the sites at Nell's Point and the former Conveniences building at Barry Island be accepted and that the parcels be remarketed at a later date, if no other alternative and acceptable options are available.

Reasons for the Recommendation

1.         In order that the bidders can be notified of the outcome of the marketing assessment that none of the current bids are acceptable.


2.         Following detailed discussions relating to the marketing report produced by Collins/LDP both by the Barry Regeneration Board and internally authority was sought to utilise a traditional method of marketing these sites.

3.         The Project Board received a report in February 2013 and agreed the methodology and the draft strategic brief for the marketing exercise.

4.         Following a procurement exercise the agents Knight Frank were appointed to market the two parcels and following a series of briefing meetings they began marketing the sites in September 2013. The deadline for submissions was set at the 17th January 2014.

Marketing carried out by Knight Frank


5.         The Sites were marketed widely and openly by the Councils agents from September 2013 to January 2014.

6.         The brochure was circulated via e-mail to commercial agents active within South Wales and was distributed further via the agents specialist Leisure Team in London.

7.          Two adverts were placed in the Estates Gazette and an additional advert was placed in the Property Week (both are National Property Publications)

8.         Our agents sent the brochure to operators / developers that they understood to be active in the Leisure/Tourism sector. Amongst these were Reel Cinemas, Scarborough Developments and Conygar however none returned with an interest.

9.         Our  agent received requests from 22 occupiers / developers for further information, but only three translated into tender bids (as outlined below),

Relevant Issues and Options.

Bid appraisal.

10.      Three Tender bids were received. Two related to the former conveniences block and one to the joint site of the Nell's point land and the former conveniences block. Given the confidential nature of the bids the detailed information relating to them is considered under the Part 2 report to be heard later on the agenda of this meeting.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

11.      Should none of the Bids received be acceptable and the agents services are no longer required an abortive agents fee would be payable to Knight Frank.  ..

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

12.      There are no implications at this stage given that the offers are not been taken forward. The impact of any future proposal on sustainability and climate will need consideration as part of the appraisal of such proposals.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

13.      None as a direct result of this report..

Crime and Disorder Implications

14.      There are no crime and disorder implications.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

15.      There are no implications at this stage.

Corporate/Service Objectives

16.      The Corporate and Service objective of the proper master planning and further regeneration of Barry Island would remain a priority.

Policy Framework and Budget

17.      This report is a matter for Executive decision by Cabinet.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

18.      Local Ward Members have been consulted.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

19.      Economy and Environment.

Background Papers



Contact Officer

John Dent. Major Projects Manager - 01446 704617


Officers Consulted

Operational Manager Legal - Committee Reports

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Group Estates Officer.


Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas - Director of Development Services