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The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Cabinet Meeting: 1 December, 2014


Report of the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation


Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show - Business Breakfast - Feedback Report and Destination Management Planning


Purpose of the Report

1.         To outline the feedback obtained during the Business Breakfast and workshop session held during the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show on the 13th August 2014.


1.         That the success of the Council's Business Breakfast held at the Agricultural Show be noted.

2.         That a delegate feedback report on the Business Breakfast held on 13th August be issued to all delegates for information.

3.         That the feedback received informs the finalisation of the Vale of Glamorgan Draft Destination Management Plan.

4.         That a copy of this report be referred to Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee for information.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.         The report is for noting.

2.         To inform delegates of the outcome of the event held on 13th August, 2014.

3.         To enable a meaningful review of the Destination Management Plan as part of the current consultation.

4.         To keep Economy and Environment Scrutiny apprised of the situation.


2.         In June 2014 Cabinet considered a report of the Vale of Glamorgan Destination Management Plan, when it was resolved as follows (Cabinet Minute C2352 refers):

(1) TH A T the Draft Destination Action Plan as attached at Appendix 1 to the report be approved for consultation purposes.

(2) T H A T the report be referred to the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) as part of the consultation process.

(3) T H A T the report be referred to the Councils Youth Cabinet as part of the consultation process.

(4) T H A T following consultation a further report be presented to Cabinet with the results of the consultation, and with any revisions necessary to the plan.


Reasons for decisions

(1) To enable the Destination Action Plan to be subject to consultation.

(2) To allow Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) to consider the Destination Action Plan.

(3) To allow the Councils Youth Cabinet to consider the Destination Action Plan.

(4) To allow the Council to approve a final Destination Action Plan.


3.         The report indicated that consultation on the Draft Destination Management Plan be undertaken with stakeholders and that the Plan would be the subject of this year's Business Breakfast at the Vale of Glamorgan Show.

Local businesses and organisations attended the breakfast to discuss the plan, which seeks to build the reputation of the Vale with tourists and visitors.  The Business Breakfast event forms a key part of consultation on the plan and guests in attendance were encouraged to have their say on the draft plan.  A number of suggestions were made during the session on how the Council could continue to make progress in securing the Vale's position as a popular tourist visitor destination.  All of the comments made at the breakfast will now be considered and any necessary amendments made to the draft plan ahead of its formal adoption.  There was also a short presentation at the event by Steve Webb, a specialist in destination and tourism management.

Relevant Issues and Options

4.         The feedback from the event is in the process of being presented into a delegate feedback report which will be circulated to all delegates and used to inform the finalisation of the Destination Management Plan.  In outline, delegates were asked:

·               Whether the five priorities in the Destination Management Plan are correct and

·               Whether the actions to deliver the priorities are relevant?

5.         In summary and in terms of the priorities in the Destination Management Plan the following reflects a summary of the comments received on the day:

·               The product needs developing in advance of promotion.

·               Resourcing the priorities is fundamental if the Vale of Glamorgan is to progress.

·               Raising the profile of the Vale of Glamorgan is essential and enhancing the sense of place (Place promotion) is also vital.

·               There is a need for development of the product to give people a reason to visit the area.

·               Brand identity is vital - the brand "Coast, Countryside, Culture" is ideal.

6.         With reference to the actions to deliver the five priorities contained in the Destination Management Plan the following is a summary of the relevant issues raised and discussed:

·               Signage - strategic and local was seen as essential.

·               The need to promote the Vale of Glamorgan beyond the Vale.

·               Accessibility and proximity to Cardiff is a strong selling point.

·               Gateways need enhancing.

·               Use of key messages when branding such as the Heritage Cost, activities, food and drink.

·               Use proximity to the Capital City as a positive message.

·               Provide more overnight accommodation to retain visitors within the area and reduce reliance on day visitors.

·               Barry Island is a strong brand.

·               Need to develop all weather attractions.

·               Need to focus on tourism throughout the year, not just summer.

·               Activity tourism and leisure to be promoted and seek to work with parties to avoid negative perceptions.

7.         The report represents a summary of the feedback and greater detail is being worked into a feedback delegated report, which as stated above will be provided to all delegates.

In terms of taking the work and feedback forward, as stated above, the views of the delegates will inform the finalisation of the Destination Management Plan.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

8.         The Business Breakfast was funded from within existing budgets.  Any future similar events will need to be funded from within budget and any initiatives to be progressed will need to have resource implications identified as relevant.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

9.         The promotion of the Vale of Glamorgan area for tourism and visitor investment will have sustainability implications that will need full and detailed consideration as part of the wider consideration of issues.  By way of example, the location of tourist or visitor attractions will need to consider transport links as well as links to services and other facilities so that the implications on climate change can be minimised.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

10.      None directly attributable to this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

11.      None directly attributable to this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

12.      There are no direct equal opportunities implications relating to this report, although the provision of tourism and events in the Vale of Glamorgan need to be accessible to all sectors of the community and will need to be marketed in Welsh as well as English.

Corporate/Service Objectives

13.      The holding of the Business Breakfast allowed the opportunity to network with businesses and partners.  The ideas emerging also feed into the Council's consideration of future direction on tourism and related investment in the Vale of Glamorgan, as well as the Draft Destination Management Plan.

Policy Framework and Budget

14.      The matter is for executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

15.      As the issues are not specific to one particular ward, no Member consultation has been undertaken on the content of this report.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

16.      Economy and Environment.

Background Papers

Facilitator feedback and networking notes from Business Breakfast.


Contact Officer

Rob Thomas - Director of Development Services tel. 01446 704630


Officers Consulted




Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas, Director of Development Services