Minutes of a meeting held on 19th November, 2014 at the Cardiff International White Water.




Councillor L. Burnett (Chairman)

Vale of Glamorgan Council

Mr. C. Michael


Mr. S. Jones

Quay Marinas Ltd.

Mr. N. Ajax Lewis MBE

Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales


Also present:


Mr. A. Vye Parminter

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. A. Pepper

Cardiff Harbour Authority

Mr. T. Levenson

Cardiff Council

Mr. C. Hope

Vale of Glamorgan Council



(a)       Apologies for absence -


These were received from Mr. M. Chidlow (Associated British Ports), Councillor B. Derbyshire (Cardiff Council), Councillor G. Roberts (Penarth Town Council) and Mr. J. Maidment (Cardiff Harbour Authority).



(b)       Minutes -


AGREED - T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 17th September, 2014 be approved as a correct record.



(c)        Matters arising -


(i)         Civil Aid Voluntary Rescue Association (CAVRA) - Arising from the decision of the last meeting of the Advisory Committee, it was reported that CAVRA had been invited to attend the January 2015 meeting of the Advisory Committee but that no response had been received.


(ii)        Venue for meeting, 5th March, 2015 - It was reported that the venue for the meeting of the Advisory Committee to be held on 5th March, 2015 would be Penarth Town Council Offices. 



(d)       Introduction to the Cardiff Bay Waterfront Master Plan - Mr. T. Levenson, Head of Major Projects, Cardiff Council -


Mr. Levenson outlined the scope of the Cardiff Bay Master Plan whose remit would be confined to the Administrative Boundary. 


The area subject to the Master Plan was some 260 hectares and a copy of the Location Plan was distributed. 


It was reported that the Porth Teigr Site would be included within the proposed Master Plan, notwithstanding the existence of its own Master Plan. 


The preparation of the Master Plan had just started and would progress in parallel with work ongoing in the area between Dumballs Road and the City Centre.


The objectives of the Master Plan included a requirement to maximise development opportunities for the area, whilst recognising the historical connections of the area, with a view to guiding investments in the Bay.


The guiding vision was that Cardiff Bay would make a significant contribution to the economy of the City should the critical mass of visitor attractionsbe sufficient to attract people from the rest of the country and abroad. 


The final report would include a Delivery Plan. 


The research had commenced in September and was very much ‘work in progress’.  The Draft Plan would be available in the New Year at which point it would be shared with stakeholders. 


Members of the Committee felt that the proximity of Penarth to the Bay should not be ignored, especially in view of the many transport links to the area through Penarth.


Mr. Levenson assured those present that he would be speaking to officers of the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


The Chairman expressed the view that there was no barrier to the Vale of Glamorgan Council co-operating in the preparation of the Master Plan, and hoped that this would lead to a positive input.


Mr. Levenson added that one issue to be considered was the locations of the larger attractions.  It was felt that they should be located near to transport links whereupon the Chairman spoke of the opportunities that Cogan Railway Station presented to the planning process.


Mr. Levenson was thanked for his presentation and it was


AGREED - T H A T the contents of the presentation be noted and that the Advisory Committee await a further report.



(e)       Navigational Safety -


There had been no navigational safety issues to report since the last meeting.


Clarification was given that the responsibility for the tasking and co-ordination of emergency services and resources in response to a maritime incident within the Harbour limits was that of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.



(f)         Progress Report - Cardiff Harbour Authority -


Fishing update - two individuals had been spotted on the arm earlier in the month.  However, due to the Bass no longer running and high river flows, it was no longer attractive to fish from this area and probably not again until next Spring.  The installation of further deterrent works would be carried out within the next few months.


On the afternoon of Sunday, 12th October, 2014 there had been an hydraulic hose failure on Bridge 3 when it was in its raise cycle.  The operational team quickly resolved the problem and the bridge and pathway were returned to normal operations.


Ebola outbreak - the Port Health Department had contacted the Harbour Authority regarding the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa.  The concern, albeit small, was that vessels may access ports within the UK with individuals suffering from the disease on board.


The recent bad weather had caused high river flows resulting in large volumes of debris/rubbish washing up in the Bay.  Work was well underway to remove this rubbish and an estimated 60 tonnes of waste had been removed in the previous week.


Work had recently been undertaken to cut back the overgrown vegetation in the Wetlands Nature Reserve to improve the current habitat.  Improvement works were continuing over the coming months with improvements and repairs being made to the pond dipping platforms.


Avian Flu update - the Harbour Authority were closely monitoring the number of dead birds and animals, if found within the Bay, in view of the current Avian Flu outbreak, despite there being no real risk at present to public health.



(g)       Any Other Business -


(i)         Triathlon - The Chairman spoke of the possibility of a Triathlon taking place next year.


(ii)        Events Programme - It was agreed that the Advisory Committee be advised of the Events Programme for the forthcoming year.



(h)        Date of Next Meeting -


AGREED - T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 14th January, 2015 at 5.15 p.m. in the Cardiff International White Water.