Minutes of meeting held on 15 September 2014


Present: Councillor S. Egan (Chairman), Councillor E Williams, Councillor R.Traherne. Councillor V Hartrey, P.Evans (Director of Social and Care Services), Rachael Evans (Head of Children & Young People Services), K Conway (Operational Manager - Social Services),  C. Limbrick (Operational Manager), Martine Coles (LAC Education Coordinator) Mark Petherick (Cabinet Officer).


(1)  Apologies for absence  

Councillor R. Bertin, Councillor C Elmore, Councillor J Birch.


The Chairman for the meeting was Councillor S.Egan

(2)  Minutes and Matters Arising 10 June 2014  
2.1  The minutes of 10 June 2014 meeting were agreed as a correct record. All Agreed
(3)  Annual Placement Review – Rachael Evans  
3.1  Rachael Evans presented the Annual Placement Review report, that was attached at Appendix 1 to the minutes.


The purpose of the report was to outline the actions taken within children and young people services during 2013/14 with regard to placement provision for Looked after Children (LAC) and to outline the Childrens and Young Peoples Services plans for 2014/15

(4)  End of Key Stage 4 for Looked after Children Performance 2013 – 2014 – Martine Coles.  
4.1 Martine Coles presented a paper on the End of Key Stage 4 performance for Looked after Children Performance 2013 – 2014 to the panel.


Table 1 attached at Appendix 2 to the minutes illustrated the provisional GCSE results for Vale LAC educated in Vale schools and those educated out of county. Table 2 illustrated the provisional data for the end of Key Stage 4.


In 2014, there had been an increase in GCSEs (Table 3) and other qualifications for young people who were Looked After by the Local Authority. The increase was the result of tracking of Year 11 pupils and collaboration with schools and other providers to secure qualifications.


The Looked After Children education team had been providing differentiated targeted support in Vale schools to improve learner outcomes. The support had been in partnership with the young peoples’ social workers and their carers.


The 8 in county young people who were not engaged had complex issues. All 8 young people who were not engaged were currently being supported by the Vale’s Careers Service into training or employment; this would reduce the risk of them becoming NEET. The support for the other 12 children was also in place

(5)  Any Other Business  
5.1  PE put forward an agenda item for the next meeting titled


• Report on the Adoption Service.


No other business was reported

(6)  Next Meeting Dates 2014  

 Monday 15th December 2014 at 5pm

Cabinet Meeting Room

All Agreed