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The Committee received a presentation by Nicola Campbell, the Cardiff and Vale Community Learning Partnership Co-ordinator following a recent Estyn monitoring visit of the service.  (A copy of the presentation was also tabled at the meeting for Members’ information.)  Members were updated on progress to date and advised that in response to unsatisfactory inspections of the Adult Community Learning (ACL) in Cardiff and the Vale in 2013 Estyn had returned to conduct a monitoring visit between 12th and 15th January, 2015.  The purpose of the monitoring visit had been to determine the Partnership’s progress against previous inspection recommendations and advise of the provisional judgements that had been received however, the Partnership was awaiting the formal monitoring response letter. 


The provisional judgements that had been received to date were as follows:

“1. Improve success rates and accreditation for all learners – very good progress

2. Improve the strategic leadership, management and co-ordination of ACL - very good progress

3. Review and revise the curriculum; Improve the provision for developing literacy and numeracy skills – strong progress

4. Analyse data robustly and improve quality processes – very good progress

5. Improve the quality of teaching – strong progress

6. Improve the support available for learners – strong progress. “

Ms. Campbell stated that this was a very positive outcome for the Partnership with the visit highlighting various improvements that had been made. Estyn had also advised that there was a four year trend of improving success rates, innovative and effective drop-in work club provisions, a vibrant well managed full cost recovery programme, good progress made with Welsh Medium courses and good use of Scrutiny Committees to challenge the Partnership. 


Areas however, for improvement were reported as :-

  • Some teaching was deemed adequate or satisfactory and it was recognised that further work needed to be undertaken to challenge underperformance and support improvements in teaching
  • The Partnership should continue to develop working relationships with Communities First
  • Develop and embed support for learners and embed literacy and numeracy skills development across ACL provision.

Although good progress had been made the Chairman queried in relation to the assessments inspected how the 25% of satisfactory lessons equated to the overall partnership.  Ms. Campbell confirmed that inspectors had only viewed one class and the unsatisfactory recommendation referred, in the main, to the drop in provision which it was acknowledged was difficult to plan for as it was difficult for the Partnership to know in advance who would be attending the classes.  However, it was accepted that the situation needed to be considered and that the Partnership was currently discussing how this could be managed. 


With regard to improving the agenda around learning and numeracy skills for all clients, the co-ordinator stated that interview skills were being developed with more opportunities for learners to be provided.  Overall the success rate for the service was currently standing at 84% with future service targets of 86% for 2015/16 and 88% for 2016/17. 


Members congratulated the officer on the good progress to date noting that in the main, it was evident that the majority of the services inspected were good.


In conclusion, Ms. Campbell advised that it was likely that Estyn would conduct a full re-inspection of the Partnership in 12 months which would focus on all aspects of the Common Inspection Framework.


Having considered the presentation it was subsequently,




(1) T H A T Ms. Campbell be thanked for the information presented, the Committee notes the good progress being made to date and that a progress report be presented in 12 months.


(2) T H A T a copy of the presentation and the minutes of the meeting be forwarded to the Cabinet for their information in respect of the good progress being made to date.


Reason for recommendations


(1&2) To advise Members.”


Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning): 9th February 2015