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Committee considered the Housing and Building Services Service Plan 2015/19.


Service Plans were the primary planning document of the Council and a key building block in its performance management framework.  Consequently, the planning arrangements were reviewed annually to ensure that the Council’s plans continued to meet its statutory requirements and to continuously improve its approach to performance planning and monitoring.


The Service Plan template reflected the new Senior Management Re-structure with fewer (six) Plans being produced.  Below this level, the Council’s Performance Management Framework required officers to develop Team Plans. 


The Service Plan structure addressed a number of key questions so services could produce more outcome focussed plans, an area for improvement in most Welsh Councils. 


All Service Plans had been signed off by the relevant Director and Cabinet Member(s).  The Council was currently consulting widely on proposed Improvement Objectives for 2015/16 and these would be reflected within the relevant Service Plans once approved by Council in May 2015.


Appendix A to the report contained the Housing and Building Services Service Plan 2015/19.  Key areas of note within the Service Plan were:


·            Our Service Plan 2015/19.  This section set the context for the Directorate’s Service Plan and identified its key challenges over the coming years.

·            Our Service Self-Assessment.  This section highlighted how the service was performing and what had been achieved during the previous year.  It informed areas for improvement in the coming years.  Much emphasis continued to be placed on strengthening the Council’s use of benchmarking comparative data as well as highlighting good practice where relevant.  In terms of what had been achieved, encouragement continued to be given to achieve a more consistent approach in identifying the outcome/impact for the customer/citizens.

·            Our Service Outcomes and Objectives.  This section confirmed the Directorate’s service outcomes and objectives (including its contribution to corporate priorities), having considered its key service challenges and the self-assessment.

·            Appendix 1 contained the Directorate’s Service Improvement Action Plan for 2015/16 aligned to each service objective.

·            Appendix 2 which contained the service’s performance measures was incomplete currently as end of year data for 2014/15 was not yet available at the time of reporting to Committee.

·            Appendix 3 detailed the Directorate’s work force requirements. 

·            Appendix 4 provided a breakdown of the savings required for the Directorate over the next three years. 


Members expressed the view that the content and direction of the Service Plan was good, although concerns were expressed regarding the structure of the Service Plan itself. 


The view was given that the Corporate format of Service Plans was unwieldy and complicated. While retaining consistency in plan format, the Committee suggested that a review be undertaken to simplify and streamline the style and layout of future Service Plans, in the spirit of reshaping services and lean management. 




(1)      T H A T the Housing and Building Services Service Plan 2015/19 be endorsed.


(2)      T H A T Cabinet  be recommended to consider reviewing the style and layout of future Service Plans with a view to making the document more streamlined and user-friendly.


Reason for recommendation


(1)      To confirm the Service Plan as the primary document against which performance for Housing and Building Services will be measured and to meet self-assessment requirements under the Local Government (Wales) Measure 2009.


(2)      To make the Corporate layout of future Service Plans more user-friendly’.


 Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Housing and Public Protection): 11th March 2015