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The Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cabinet Meeting: 27 April, 2015

Report of the Cabinet Member for Regeneration

Local Transport Fund (LTF), Road Safety Grant and Safe Routes in Communities (SRIC) Grant Bid 2015/16

Purpose of the Report

1. To advise Members of the invitation by the Welsh Government (WG) to bid for funding through the LTF, Road Safety and SRIC grant process.  The bid invitation is attached at Appendix A.


2. To advise Members on the schemes submitted for this funding for 2015/16.


1. That Cabinet note the information in this report.


2. That Cabinet notes the schemes that were submitted for funding for 2015/16, by the Director of Development Services and the Cabinet Member for Regeneration under delegated powers in order to meet the WG deadline of Monday 16th March 2015.


3. To agree that any funding awarded by Welsh Government be included into the Capital Programme.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1. To advise Members of the procedures, terms and conditions of the grant funding guidance, assessment criteria and application process.


2. To note the acceptance of the schemes submitted, under delegated powers to enable the bids to be submitted within the requested timescales.


3. To enable schemes to be commenced early in the 2015/16 financial year.


3. Welsh Government invites local authorities to submit bids for LTF, Road Safety and Safe Routes in Communities (formally Safe Routes to Schools) funding annually to enable the delivery of transport and local road safety projects that enhance road safety and encourage sustainable travel to various key locations.  There is an emphasis that these grants link to road safety measures and transport schemes at locations close to schools and other key locations.

Relevant Issues and Options

4. The invitation to bid for funding was received on 26th February 2015 with a submission date of 16th March 2015.  This allowed a very short timescale time to demonstrate support from schools and the public which is a requirement within the assessment criteria.


5. WG have restricted the number of road safety revenue schemes to be submitted by each local authority to 6 schemes per authority, of which 4 must include kerbcraft, Pass Plus Cymru, National Standards Cycle Training and Motorbike Interventions. The funding allocation to the Council is indicative at £69k, a £1k reduction from 2014/15, although it should be noted that in 2014/15, WG allocated a further £7k during the year to provide additional Pass Plus Cymru courses.  The funding allocation takes into account both population data and killed or seriously injured casualty data (ksi) for each local authority.  In terms of criteria weighting, population data accounts for 60% of the funding and ksi 40%, adjusted to allow for a 2.5% minimum allocation (£50k) per local authority.  A maximum amount that may be claimed per trainee will be applied for schemes at the following maximum rates:

Passplus Cymru £137.50

Motorcycle Training  £134

Kerbcraft   £62

National Standards Cycle Training  £28

6. Within the LTF Grant, an Active Travel Mapping allocation amount has been provided at £14k based on population and area of settlements.  The allocation is set aside for the funding of costs associated with activities in relation to the development of the existing route maps for design and cartography, publication and distribution.  The funding also covers the production of the Active Travel statement and an explanation on conformity to design standards as well as the consultation process relating to the maps and statements.


7. In terms of capital funding, a maximum of 3 schemes can be submitted for each Capital Grant, to include LTF, Road Safety and SRIC.  Bids can include schemes over a 3 year period and a maximum of £1.5m will be allocated per scheme in any one year.


8. For the LTF Grant, the following schemes are being proposed as follows:


The Causeway, Barry Island cycle route and traffic management/road safety measures around Ship Hill


Dinas Powys to Lavernock Road Cycle Scheme to include a formal crossing facility


Weycock Cross to Cardiff Airport Footway/Cycleway scheme


9. For SRIC Grant, a condition of grant is that schemes are promoted that were submitted to the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport when she requested information on potential remaining schemes relating to schools in July 2014. Therefore, the following schemes are being proposed as follows:


Barry Docks Link Road to Wenvoe footway/cycleway scheme


Dinas Powys Primary School cycleway scheme


Llantwit Major road safety and cycleway scheme


10. For Road Safety Capital Grant, the following schemes are being proposed:


Pentre Meyrick Feasibility


Plassey Street, Penarth – Traffic Calming


Broad Street junction with Holton Road, Barry – Zebra Crossing


11. For Road Safety Revenue Grant, the following schemes are being proposed:


National Standards Cycle Training


Kerbcraft / Child Pedestrian Training


Motorbike Training


Pass Plus Cymru


12. This authority has been very successful in securing funding through these grants, in previous years, but evidence of public support for the schemes is critical.  As a result, School travel plans have been used where these are available.


13. Schemes that include match funding will attract additional scores in the appraisal process, with schemes that demonstrate greater levels of match funding scoring higher.


14. The terms and conditions of the Grant will mean that the works identified for the year, will need to be completed by 31st March 2016.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

15. Should any of the bids be successful, the measures contained within this report would be fully funded from the Grants from the WG along with any match funding identified within the bids.


16. The staffing structure within the Road Safety Unit will need to change in accordance with the amount of grant available.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

17. Measures to improve road safety, walking and cycling will all aid sustainable accessibility and the reduction of single occupancy car movements, therefore having a positive impact on sustainability and climate change.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

18. If local authorities do not provide a road safety service as statutorily required under Section 39 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 action could be taken for a breach of statutory duty.  Providing a road safety service involves (amongst other things) education, training and publicity which benefits road safety and enables the upholding of laws in relation to the safe use of the highway.

Crime and Disorder Implications

19. It is anticipated that the number of road traffic accidents in the Vale, particularly those involving children, young people and vulnerable road users, will be reduced as a consequence of these initiatives.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

20. The concept of equal opportunities is a fundamental principle that underlies all of this Council's policies.  Improvements to pedestrian and cycling routes in the Vale will benefit all members of the community including some of the most vulnerable road user groups. 


21. There are no particular Welsh Language issues associated with these grants and all promotional material produced in association with the supported schemes will be bilingual in accordance with Council Policy.

Corporate/Service Objectives

22. The proposals recommended would improve the quality of life and enhance the safety of residents and visitors in the Vale.  The Schemes will also assist the Council achieve the U.K. Government and the Welsh Assembly Governments accident reduction, environmental and healthy living targets.


23. The provision of safe pedestrian and cycling routes provides alternative means of travel, and ensures good accessibility for those without access to private transport. This links with the Council's objectives for social wellbeing and tackling disadvantages.

Policy Framework and Budget

24. This report is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

25. Ward Members have been consulted where there are specific schemes being promoted for their areas although LTF, Road Safety and SRIC bids could affect all Wards.


Councillor Keith Hatton has responded stating that as a Governor of the Dinas Powys Primary School and Local Ward Member, he fully supports the provision of a footway/cycleway through the Murchfield Community Centre into the rear of the school.


This will provide an alternative safer route into the school away from the heavily congested entrance in Fairoaks which has witnessed numerous traffic incidents to children on their way to school.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

26. Economy & Environment.

Background Papers

Appendix A - Bids invitation 

Contact Officer

Clare Cameron - Principal Transport & Road Safety Officer - Tel: 01446 704768

Officers Consulted

Operational Manager - Highways & Engineering

Finance - Senior Accountant

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Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas - Director of Development Services