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The Vale of Glamorgan Council

Cabinet Meeting: 27 April, 2015

Cabinet Member for Regeneration

Proposed Events Programme 2015 - 2016

Purpose of the Report

1. To inform Cabinet of an outline programme of proposed events and sources of funding for the financial year 2015 - 2016, as set out in Appendix A.


1. That Cabinet consider and approve the proposed events and associated costs for the financial year 2015 - 2016.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1. To obtain Cabinet approval for the proposed events programme and sources of funding.


2. Every year the Council organises and supports a varied programme of events across the Vale of Glamorgan.  These events make an important addition to the tourism offer within the Vale and to the quality of life for residents.


3. 2014 was a very successful year for Council events in the Vale of Glamorgan.  The Council's yearly programme was well received by residents, traders and visitors alike.


4. Last year the Council supported a number of high profile events in the Vale with funding, advice and the loan of event equipment.  These include the Barry at War Weekend featuring the Red Arrows, The Vale of Glamorgan Show and the International Storytelling Festival at St Donats.


5. 2014 saw the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of First World War and the Council supported a number of WW1commemorationevents across the Vale.  For the national day of commemoration in August 2014, the Council's Events Team created a projection of poppies and a John McCray poem onto the Town Hall in Barry. This image was well received across social media and a photo of the projection was shown on the BBC Wales lunchtime news. 


6. In addition the Christmas festivities were very successful and in particular the 3D projection show in November 2014, which replaced the traditional Christmas light switch on.  The show was extremely well received and proved to be a significant talking point on social media.


7. The Isle of Fire event (part of Barry Island's Summer Weekenders programme) was recently shortlisted as a finalist for a Visit Wales National Tourism Award.  The popular event was in the top 3 other small events from across Wales and winners were announced at a Visit Wales ceremony at the end of March 2015.


8. The proposed schedule of events for 2015, if approved, should build on the positive momentum gained during 2014.

Relevant Issues and Options

9. An events programme and sources of funding for 2015 - 2016 are attached in Appendix A.  This year, the events are set out by season so that the contributions throughout the year can be appreciated.  The appendix details where the Council provides a direct financial grant as well as instances where the Council provides financial assistance in support of the event via the Events budget.


10. In addition to the Appendix, there is merit in drawing attention to some key events that may take place during 2015 and other potential opportunities that may exist and are currently being explored by officers.


11. During 2014, the popular Barry Island Weekenders Summer Programme was held for a second year.  The programme ran for seven weekends and featured two evening events, namely The Isle of Fire and the Cinema by the Sea.  Both these events attracted approx 5,000 visitors per weekend and extended the night time economy of the Island. The remaining programme included Beach Volleyball, Street Art and Street Theatre, Sports, Live Music and was supported by the Council's Sports and Play Team.  The Weekenders received very positive feedback from residents, traders and visitors, with many visitors attending from outside of the Vale and Wales. Provision has been made in the planned schedule for the Weekenders to continue in 2015 and it is expected that the Council would work with the company Walk the Plank again to create a similar Isle of Fire event for 2015.  It is also envisaged these summer events will make use of the event spaces within the newly refurbished Eastern side of Barry Island Promenade.  We are also currently looking at other potential events to be hosted on the promenade and discussions are on-going with options to "extend the season" by using the space on the promenade for possible fairs and markets.


12. In August 2014, Barry Island hosted the Barry Wartime Weekend which was organised by the Barry Tourist Railway (Cambrian & Co). The weekend featured a display by the Red Arrows on the Saturday and a Military fly past on the Sunday.  The Red Arrows display was very popular with approx attendance of 20,000 people.

The Council supported the weekend with funding of £2,000. Cambrian & Co are looking to hold a similar event again in 2015 and have booked the Red Arrows Team for a display on Saturday 20th June.  It is expected that an application for funding will be received in due course.


13. Last year the Events Officer worked closely with Cardiff Triathletes to bring an Aquathlon to Barry Island in late September.  The trial event was very popular and attracted both first time and regular multi sports competitors.  The event included a 650m open water swim across Whitmore Bay and a 5km run along the Island's coast.  Following on from this success, discussions have been held to bring a full Triathlon to Barry, either later this year or during the first part of 2016. 


14. In 2014 the Council supported a number of Christmas events in towns across the Vale with funding, advice and the loan of event equipment.


15. Last year the Council’s Christmas Light Switch On event at King Square Barry, featured a new Christmas projection show which mapped visuals onto the Town Hall building.  The Council's Town Centres Development Officer and Events Officer worked with London based Projection Studio to produce a 10 minute visual extravaganza set to music which included dancing penguins, Santa and a Dragon.  The event received significant feedback across twitter, Facebook and local media, with Wales Online printing an article titled "Did Barry just put on Wales's best Christmas light switch on?" Consideration is currently being given to the arrangements for Christmas 2015.


16. Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival moves to a new date this year and the two day event will now take place on Sunday 24th and Monday 25th May and not in October as previously. The Council continues to support the event with advice and the free use of events equipment such as gazebos and handwash units.


17. The Events Officer has also worked closely with the organisers of GlastonBarry, providing advice, support and the free use of equipment.  The festival will run for two days in Romilly Park, Barry this July.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

18. Currently the Council has two budgets from which to fund events:

The Corporate Events Budget

This budget is the main budget available to the Events Officer to fund Council run events and to support other non Council events.

The Devolved Events Grant Budget

This budget stands at £31,000 per annum and in 2014 this budget was used to fund and a support a number of events ranging from the Valeways Walking Festival, Vale of Glamorgan Show, Rotary  Firework Fiesta, Barry Island and the Barry Transport Festival.  As agreed by Cabinet in early 2013, events supported by this budget are funded on a yearly basis only, to allow a more flexible approach.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

19. The Council's Events Team is aware of the Council's commitment to sustainability and tries to enforce this message when delivering events.  Encouraging attendance at events can add to community cohesion, whilst at the same time encouraging a wider adoption of healthier lifestyle choices.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

20. Depending on the nature of the event, consideration must be given to health and safety legislation and the Council’s duty of care.  Other considerations will include such matters as obtaining the appropriate traffic orders and confirming that the appropriate licences are in place. 


21. In other instances, the Council requires risk assessments and proof of appropriate insurance from companies providing services at Council run events.  Occupancy agreements may also be needed if event organisers are occupying Council land.

Crime and Disorder Implications

22. The Events Officer works closely with the South Wales Police to ensure public safety at events and a representative from the South Wales Police attends the Council's Safety Advisory Group.  Also well organised events reduce the potential for crime and disorder and assist in creating strong communities.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

23. The above events are accessible to everyone and will benefit all sectors of the community.  All promotional materials for events are bilingual.

Corporate/Service Objectives

24. The proposed events will raise the profile of Council and the Vale of Glamorgan as well as contributing to regeneration objectives.

Policy Framework and Budget

25. This is a matter for Executive decision.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

26. As the report is Vale wide no ward members have been consulted.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

27. Economy and Environment.

Background Papers


Contact Officer

Sarah Jones - Events Officer 01446 704737

Officers Consulted

Director of Visible Services and Housing

Works Manager, Visible Services

Operational Manager Legal

Operational Manager Leisure and Tourism

Operational Manager Countryside and Economic Projects

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Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas, Director of Development Services