The proposed targets for improvement for 2015/16 for all performance indicators for the Development Services Directorate were presented to Members for consideration together with the request for Committee to review and endorse the highlighted proposed deletions and additions for approval.


Following the end of year reporting period (end of March), all Directorates had been asked to undertake a review of performance against all indicators in order to complete a target setting template.  All Directorates had also been asked to set appropriately challenging targets that both supported the principles of continuous improvement but also realistically reflected the current financial climate and the service's capacity to improve performance.  The Council’s approved target setting was set out in the Target Setting template outlined at Appendix 1 to the report.


A full suite of performance indicators that would continue to be collected and reported on during 2015/16 was attached at Appendix 2 to the report and against each indicator a target had been set and a rationale provided to explain why the target had been set at that level. 


For the National Statutory Indicators (NSIs) and Public Accountability Measures (PAMs) Welsh benchmarking data was currently only available for the 2013/14 period by way of comparison. Therefore targets in relation to NSIs and PAMs should be based on performance in relation to top quartile results (in Wales) or the Welsh average during 2013/14.  Where this had not been possible, a robust rationale was required to be provided at Appendix 2 to explain why performance had been set lower than the rest of Wales.


For 2015/16, five Improvement Objectives had been identified by the Council and of these four of them had performance indicators attached to them (these Improvement Objective indicators were identified in Appendix 2 by an IO reference as part of the indicator description).  Although, initial targets have been set in relation to Improvement Objectives, end of year performance was not available at the time.  This target setting exercise has enabled Directors to review their Improvement Objective targets and revise them where appropriate to reflect end of year performance.  Where this was the case, this had been reflected in the rationale section of Appendix 2, where relevant to the Improvement Objective indicators.


In relation to the Outcome Agreement indicators, these targets had already been pre-agreed with the Welsh Government until 2016 (these Outcome Agreement indicators are identified in Appendix 2 by an OA reference as part of the indicator description).  Although in principle these targets had been pre-set with Welsh Government, in instances where  end of year performance exceeded the target for 2014/15, Directors had the opportunity to set more internally challenging targets (that are separate to the target agreed with Welsh Government) in order to continue to drive the upward trend in performance.  Where this was the case, this had also been reflected in the rationale section of Appendix 2, where relevant to the Outcome Agreement indicators.


The review process also presented an opportunity for the Council to identify whether its existing performance indicators were still appropriate and relevant for reflecting its priorities for service delivery.  The proposed additions and deletions of any new indicators for 2015/16 were detailed at Appendix 3 to the report. 


In considering the report a Member stated that although he accepted the target setting proposals and the rationale for the targets contained within the reports, in his view the document should also contain further information as to the detail of what the service areas had done to date and how well they had done it.  It was therefore suggested that consideration be given to adjusting the format of future reports, which did not consist of a long list of actions grouping targets and actions under headings but were related to outcomes. Reference was made to the


Following queries from two Members regarding Disabled Facilities Grants and boat dismantling on leisure land in Barry from two Members it was suggested and agreed that the relevant officers be requested to contact the Members direct to discuss in detail.


Having considered the report it was subsequently




(1)    T H A T the information as requested, outlined above, be provided to Members as soon as possible.


(2)    T H A T  the targets be accepted but that Cabinet be asked to consider the format of reports with the request that the documentation in the future include details of the work that had been undertaken, how well it had been completed and related to relevant outcomes.


(3)    T H A T the proposed deletions and additions to the Development Services performance indicators data setting for 2015/16 as outlined in Appendix 3 to the report be endorsed.

Reasons for recommendations


(1)    To apprise Members.


(2&3)    To ensure that performance targets are set that are both challenging and realistic and for Cabinet to consider the format of future reports.”


Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 16th June, 2015