The above Plan was structured around eight priority outcomes which were carried forward into Service Plans to ensure consistency and focus.  Within the Corporate Plan a number of objectives were listed under each of the eight priority outcomes.  These were included in the relevant Service Plans and provided the basis for the development of key actions to ensure these objectives were delivered.  In addition, the Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan outlined how the Corporate Plan would be funded in future years.


In addition to the above, the actions within the Service Plans set out year on year the activities that would be undertaken to achieve these objectives, and monitoring of the action provided the foundation for an annual progress report on the Plan.  Detailed quarterly performance on all Service Plans were reported to the Corporate Management Team, Cabinet and relevant Scrutiny Committees.

During 2015, the Plan would be reviewed with a new Plan for 2016-20 agreed by March 2016.  The incomplete actions from the 2013-17 Plan would be rolled forward; which ones would be determined during the above review.  The Head of Performance and Development referred to the overall good progress that had been made in the second year of the above Plan and to the majority of actions that had been completed or were on track for completion, however, he indicated that there were some areas of slippage in delivering some of the objectives.

He also referred to Appendix A attached to the report which set out full details of progress against all objectives contained within the Plan.  Details of overall performance of each priority were set out in paragraphs 8 to 15 of the report and showed the level of progress in delivering the Plan.

In considering the report, a Member acknowledged that performance in the year had been good with many of actions at 100% completion.  He referred to Corporate Plan CL 2 “increased customer satisfaction and improve how customers access services by developing more integrated service delivery with our partners and being more innovative in how public buildings were used”.  In referring to the implementation of a shared telephone based service with Cardiff and Vale UHB Communications Hub he enquired of the Head of Service as to whether the shared service was maximising its profitability.  In response, the Head of Service indicated that whilst he was unable to provide a specific answer to the issue of income, he indicated that a fair charging policy was in place and that this provided an income stream to the Council.  

Another Member referred to reference R7 “actively seek a new cinema for the town Barry” and queried the 80% completion rate as stated in the report.  In response, the Leader indicated that this action was linked to developing key sites within the Innovation Quarter at Barry.  The action in itself was linked to the provision of digital downloading and a cinema with the scheme being grant funded with further financial support through regeneration funding.  

Having regard to the above, it was

RECOMMENDED – T H A T the progress made and areas of slippage identified within the report be noted and the remedial action required be referred to Cabinet for approval.

Reason for recommendation

To enable the Council to proceed with delivering the Corporate Plan 2013-17 and to inform the forthcoming review of the Plan.

Attached as Appendix – Report to Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources): 21st July, 2015