Minutes of a meeting held on 23rd September, 2015 at Cardiff International White Water.




 Mrs. C. Dimond (Vice-Chairman)  Cardiff Flood Action Committee
 Commodore C. Parsons  Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
 Vice-Commodore D. Cairncross  Cardiff Bay Yacht Club
 Mrs. N. Delonghi  Natural Resources Wales
 Ms. C. Harvey  Natural Resources Wales
 Mr. N. Ajax-Lewis  Wild Life Trust of South and West Wales
 Councillor G. Roberts  Penarth Town Council
 Councillor B. Derbyshire  Cardiff Council
 Mr. G. Soltys  Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association


Also present:


 Mr. A. Vye-Parminter  Cardiff Harbour Authority
 Mr. D. Hall   Cardiff Harbour Authority
 Mr. C. Hope  Vale of Glamorgan Council


(a) Apologies for Absence –  


These were received from Mr. J. Maidment (Cardiff Harbour Authority), Mr. M. Chidlow (Associated British Ports), Mr. S. Jones (Quay Marinas), Mr. S. Clarke (Canoe Wales), Mr. C. Michael (RSPB) and Councillor L. Burnett (Vale of Glamorgan Council).


(b) Minutes


AGREED – T H A T the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd June, 2015 be approved as a correct record.

(c) Matters Arising


Councillor G. Roberts enquired as to the success of the events that had been scheduled to take place in the harbour during the summer months as was advised that the events had been very successful and that the Harbour Authority was looking to expand these events next year. 


(d) Navigational Safety – Mr. A. Vye-Parminter


(i) It was reported that the damage to Cardiff Barrage Approach Channel sector lights had been repaired and the lights reinstated.  All users of the Bay had been informed.


(ii) It was reported that the Harbour Authority was reviewing the communication links between the Marina and the Yacht Clubs in order to reduce the possibility of any misunderstandings or conflict of movement. 

(e) Progress Report – Mr. D. Hall


(i) It was reported that the main events season was coming to an end and that everything had taken place successfully.  
The Cardiff Half Marathon was due to take place on 4th October, 2015 and part of the course involved the Bay area.  The Barrage bridge would be down for about 90 minutes to permit participants to cross the river but low vessels would still be able to navigate the river.  


(ii) Cardiff Harbour Authority’s Environmental Team had been investigating the dissolved oxygen levels in the River Ely.  


(iii) Cardiff Harbour Authority was trialling a new prototype filter (aeration system) to measure its effectiveness.  


(iv) The Harbour Authority was monitoring the use of litter bins in the area.  New bins had been installed in Roald Place.  


(v) The Barrage salt water flushing valve had been repaired in June.  This had been a difficult job but the works had been completed successfully within one week.


(vi) A decision had been taken that the toilets at Barrage Control would be kept open for 24 hours per day although the situation would be continually reviewed.


(vii) It was intended to close Lock 1 for 2/3 weeks for repairs to the outer gates.


In referring to the minutes of the previous meeting of the Advisory Committee, Councillor Derbyshire enquired if the works to the fish pass had been completed successfully and was advised that the pass was now in full operation.  


Mr. Hall further advised that this had been a fairly average year insofar as salmon numbers were concerned, although there had been a large “catch” a few weeks ago.


Mrs. Dimond enquired if there had been further problems with the illegal fishermen and was informed that there had been no further problems.  

(f) Update Report – Mrs. N. Delonghi, Natural Resources Wales


- Mrs. Delonghi advised of personnel changes within Natural Resources Wales insofar as they related to Cardiff Bay.

- Ms. Harvey advised that works were ongoing at Radyr Weir, and Archimedes Screws were being installed.  The water quality was also being monitored.

- The licence for dredging in the Bay had expired and new applications had been submitted.

- Celsa have had their abstraction licence approved.

- Associated British Ports (ABP) have submitted a transfer licence application to cover Celsa’s abstraction from Bute East Dock, as this is not covered by ABP’s exemption as it is not for navigation purposes.

- There had been very few dissolved oxygen issues within the Bay over the summer months.


Discussions ensued on the proposals for the construction of Tidal Lagoons in Cardiff and Newport, and the need to consider the impact on the Bay area.  


Questions were asked about the efficiency of Tidal Lagoons, but the Committee was advised that there were no lagoons in existence yet, so there were no benchmarking figures available.


Vice-Commodore Cairncross advised that the company behind the Lagoon had made a presentation to the Yacht Clubs.  

(g) Date of Next Meeting


AGREED – T H A T the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 18th November 2015 at 5.15 p.m. and that the meeting be held in Cardiff International White Water.