"561                VALE SPORT (LAPA) REVIEW APRIL 2014 - 2015 (DEH) -


Karen Davies, Sports and Play Development Manager, provided the Committee with a presentation on the Vale Sport Review Report April 2014 - 2015 which contained details of the key achievements over the year (and had been included in the agenda for the meeting) and detailed the assortment of exciting sport and physical activity opportunities being delivered in the Vale of Glamorgan to engage residents of all ages. The report highlighted that it was encouraging to see the positive impact the opportunities had on increasing participation rates amongst children, young people and adults which were assisting with achieving the Vale's vision of an inclusive, confident, healthy, sporting community.


The key achievements were reported as

  • 186 clubs and organisations and 18 National Governing Bodies of Sport linked to the Vale Sports Development Team
  • 43 clubs offering inclusive or disability specific opportunities
  • 11,686 registrations in Dragon Sport for 7-11 year olds
  • 3557 young people aged 12 - 16 accrued 44,546 participations in 5x60 scheme
  • 459 course attendees from 75 different organisations through the Creating Confident Coaches and Doorstep Sports projects.

The presentation also highlighted fundamental skills for life in sport as follows



  • 246 Dragon Sport clubs - ↑ 24% on previous year
  • 363 volunteers involved in delivery
  • Introduction of Multiskills - developing fundamental movement skills


  • 48% of the Vale's 12 -16 year olds participated in 45 different sports within the 5x60 scheme
  • Focus on increasing female participation - 45% (1627) of girls engaged
  • Introduction of Activity Co-ordinators has enabled the AYP Officers to increase their capacity to link to 42 new clubs and establish 27 school-club links.


  • Focus on improving the School and Community Learn to Swim programmes.
  • 1144 year 3-6 children accessed School Swimming programme - ↑ 22.5%
  • 89,403 swims at Vale Leisure Centres.

The Active Young People Programme was delivered by the Sports Development Team encompassing the 5x60 and the Dragon Sport and multi-skills project. In developing Vibrant Community Sport facilities a network of thriving community sports clubs, leisure centres and organisations to inspire lifetime participation in sport were working together to achieve this aim. There were more than 186 sports clubs and community organisations linked with Sports and Play Development teams, 97 of whom were working in partnership with the Active Young People team highlighting their commitment to developing community engagement. A number of case studies were identified within the report. By working in partnership with Disability Sport Wales, the Vale Council had also ensured that developments on a local level complimented and were linked to the national strategic aims. Inclusion also took the form of female participation with 43% of 7 - 11 year olds participating in the Dragon Sport Programmes as well as working with the Welsh Language with 57% of Bro Morgannwg pupils participating in 5x60 activities to name but a few projects.


In referring to the workforce, the Sports and Play Development Manager advised that this included paid staff and volunteers in clubs, schools and other organisations undertaking roles such as coaching, umpiring and administrative roles. 459 participants had undertaken courses such as First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Disability Inclusion, 'How to Coach' workshop, multi-skills training and Active Young People Leadership Training. The Coaches for the Future project focussed on offering mentoring training and practical coaching experience for 20 selected young people with over 645 voluntary hours being accrued and impacting upon 1,763 participants and 7,704 participations.


Of note was the fact that young volunteers contributed to 1,109 sessions. The Vale of Glamorgan Council and Parkwood / Legacy Leisure continued to support elite performers through the Sports Academy Scheme which supports talented individuals to reach their potential on a national and world stage.


In conclusion, Committee was advised that the Vale of Glamorgan was third in Wales in respect of the Hooked on Sport for Leisure with 52% of children participating at least three times per week (the Welsh average being 48%), 62% were members of a sports club, 81% of pupils were confident trying new activities and 73% of pupils enjoyed sport outside of school 'a lot'.


Committee was further advised that the Local Authority received funding from Sport Wales to deliver the Vale's Sport Plan. However, a proposed restructure for which the Department had received little detailed information was suggesting a revised model of delivery with the suggested creation of Regional Sports Agencies being responsible for developing a vision and the strategic planning of community sports development in their geographical catchment. The suggested proposal was that Regional Sports Agencies would be the vehicle through which Sport Wales funding would be co-ordinated and commissioned within that geographical area. However, the Authority needed to receive more detail from Sport Wales to better understand how the new delivery model would work in practice.


Members, on hearing the suggested proposals, requested to receive more detail and agreed more detailed consultation should have been undertaken in respect of these suggestions. There having been no clarity in relation to such proposals, Members were concerned in respect of the potential impact to sport on residents of the Vale of Glamorgan. Although there were limited funding and resources available, to date the Sports and Development Team had provided a successful package of sport for Vale residents with 8% increase in participation having been reached during the past two years. Members were concerned that any new changes to the funding arrangements would have a detrimental effect (the officer was aware a pilot was to be undertaken somewhere in Wales in 2016, following which the restructure would be rolled out). For the 2016 period the Local Authority have been requested to submit a Vale Sport Plan as per usual. Members took the opportunity to praise the Sports Development Manager and her team for all the hard work undertaken to date within the limited resources that they had.


Following a query as to whether the current system was flawed, a Member stated that they did not believe in change for change sake and queried also when the Council would be likely to know what the new arrangements may be. Members were also concerned that little consultation had been undertaken on any proposed change. The officer advised that a National Working Party had been set up but that they had only been informed after it had been established and had not been asked for any input. A vague leaflet had been produced stating that the timescale was initially for April 2016 but there were so many questions that needed to be resolved that this date was put back. Members, in congratulating the officer and her staff on their remarkable achievements to date, were concerned that the success for the Vale could be overshadowed by the new proposals which could result in the Vale receiving less funding for a service that was already being provided with decreasing resources. All Members of the Scrutiny Committee unanimously agreed that more information in relation to the funding regime should be received and that Cabinet should be requested to arrange for a detailed investigation to be undertaken in order to find out what the proposed new procedure would likely mean for residents of the Vale of Glamorgan. It was subsequently




(1)                T H A T Cabinet be requested to look into the matter of funding and the new proposals to be submitted by Sports Wales, in light of the concerns raised by the Scrutiny Committee and the potential impact for Vale staff and the children and residents of the Vale.


(2)                T H A T all staff involved including volunteers and the coaches be thanked on behalf of the Scrutiny Committee for their hard work and support with regard to the significant achievements that have been made for the children and residents of the Vale of Glamorgan, particularly within the limited resources available.


(3)                T H A T the LAPA Review Report be forwarded to all Members of the Council for their information.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)                In order that Cabinet can investigate the matter further so that the Vale of Glamorgan is not penalised for its success.


(2)                In recognition of the hard work being undertaken for the children and residents of the Vale of Glamorgan.


(3)                To inform all Members of the achievements made to date."



Attached as Appendix - Report to Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment): 3rd November, 2015