Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Community Liaison Committee: 31st July 2012


Report of the Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services


Youth Service Provision Task and Finish Group


Purpose of the Report

1.             To apprise Members of the review undertaken by the Youth Service Provision Task and Finish Group.


That the contents of the review attached at Appendix A to the report be noted.

Reason for Recommendation

To inform members.



2.             The Scrutiny Committee (Lifelong Learning) established a Youth Service Provision Task and Finish Group to consider the following :

  • the progress since the previous review of the service in 2006,
  • the impact of the recent restructuring of the service on its ability to meet service objectives
  • to work in partnership with other services, organisations, Local Authorities to provide quality services to meet the needs of young people
  • to ensure that young people have a quality provision to assist them in their personal and social development and that it seeks to engage them in lifelong learning
  • to review how the Youth Service uses its Management of Information service and
  • to examine the outcomes and informal learning young people receive from the Youth Service.

Relevant Issues and Options

3.             The executive summary and recommendations of the review are detailed at pages 2, 3 and 4 of the Appendix to this report.

4.             In undertaking the review, the current good work that was being undertaken within the service area, within limited resources, was highlighted by Members together with some further recommendations for improvement. 

5.             Members also agreed that the continued collaboration with Bridgend County Borough Council as emphasised throughout the report was the way forward for the future which would achieve a variety of opportunities.

6.             The review further details the consultation that was undertaken with young people with a total of 17 young people attending a discussion session with Members in December 2011. Other information contained therein includes details of events held throughout the Vale and responses to surveys undertaken with young people.

7.             Paragraphs 84 and 85 of the review refer to the establishment of a Vale Youth Council and in particular to the success of the Penarth Town Council model where young people are able to engage in the decision making process. The Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011 (Appendix 7 refers) also presents the opportunity for young representatives to take part in the decision making process of Town and Community Councils. The Measure states that "a Community Council may appoint no more than two individuals to act at any one time as community youth representatives". Although the Measure is enacted and Town and Community Councils may make arrangements for young representatives to take part, the Welsh Government have however recently advised that they will be consulting on this aspect in Autumn 2012. A revised version of the Good Councillor Guide ( WG document) is also due to be published shortly and sent to all Town and Community Councils which includes a section on young people and the decision making process.

8.             On 30th May 2012, the Cabinet considered the review and resolved that the recommendations be approved subject to a further report being submitted to Cabinet on progress made to date in implementing the recommendations of the Task and Finish Group.  A progress report is currently being prepared and will be reported to Cabinet in due course. A further report to develop options for the involvement of young people will also be prepared following consultation with the Vale Youth Forum and the Penarth Youth Action group to include the views, opinions and recommendations of young people.

9.             The Chairman of the Community Liaison Committee, Councillor C.P.J. Elmore, considered that the Youth Provision review report should be presented to the Committee for information to highlight the current issues facing the youth service and to promote the role of the youth service throughout the Vale of Glamorgan.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)

10.        The report has identified improvements that would no doubt have an impact on resources but many can be progressed internally within current resources.

Sustainability and Climate Change Implications

11.        There are no sustainability and climate change implications as a direct result of this report.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

12.        There are no legal implications as a direct result of this report.

Crime and Disorder Implications

13.        There are no direct crime and disorder implications as a result of this report.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

14.        An effective approach to dealing with the review would possibly impact on all sectors of the community.

Corporate/Service Objectives

15.        The report has been prepared with regard to the Council's Corporate Plan and as set out within the community strategy that youth within the Vale are well informed and supported across a broad range of quality services that enable them to take full advantage of the life opportunities within the local communities and beyond.

Policy Framework and Budget

16.        This report is within the Council's policy framework and budget.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

17.        None as a direct result of this report as it is Vale wide.  The Chairman of the Community Liaison Committee has formally requested that the report be presented to Town and Community Councils for information.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

18.        Lifelong Learning.

Background Papers

Minutes of Task and Finish Group meetings 2011/12

Scrutiny Committee and Cabinet meetings 2011/12


Contact Officer

Mrs. K. Bowen, Scrutiny and Committee Services Officer


Officers Consulted

Andy Borsden, Principal Youth Services Officer


Responsible Officer:

Peter H. Evans

Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services