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C1656                       CAPITAL MONITORING FOR THE PERIOD 1ST APRIL, 2011 TO 31ST JANUARY, 2012 (L) (SCRUTINY - ALL) -


Cabinet were advised of the progress on the 2011/12 Capital Programme for the period 1st April, 2011 to 31st January, 2012 and, where necessary, considered changes to the Programme.


Explanations were provided where it was evident that the full years budget would not be spent during the year, namely:


Director of Learning and Development


Foundation Phase Grant 2011/12, St. Brides Major Primary School - a WG grant of £133,000 was included in the current Capital Programme.  This was to be spent as a contribution to a larger refurbishment scheme that the school was funding.  The Council's grant monies were being spent on the Foundation Phase and would allow the school to extend the Foundation classrooms and external areas to allow for the curriculum to be fully delivered.  There had been delays in the delivery of the scheme as the school delayed agreeing and issuing tender documents for the works and this had a knock-on effect to the Council's element of the scheme.  In addition, the Council's chosen contractor contacted the authority two days before work was due to start on site and pulled out of the scheme.  This meant that the Council had to contact the second lowest tender and negotiate a new contract with some value engineering to the tender documents in order that the project could be achieved.  As a result, even though the contract had now been awarded and works were expected to commence by the end of February, it was possible that the contract would extend a few weeks into April.  It was anticipated that up to £40,000 of the works could potentially slip into 2012/13 and discussions between officers of the Council and WG regarding the effect of this on the grant funding were ongoing. 


Llangan Primary School New Car Park - there had been lengthy delays with this scheme.  Access to the proposed car park was required via a lane adjacent to the school.  As had been reported to Cabinet previously, it had not been possible to determine ownership of this lane which had led to major delays in progressing this 2010/11 scheme.  Cabinet had approved the progress of works to the car park, despite not proving ownership of this access lane, so long as indemnity insurance was taken out by the authority.  This was now in place, so the Council's Highways Contracting Unit could now progress the scheme.  Given the delays, it was now no longer possible for the works to be completed and it was requested that £118,000 be slipped into 2012/13 in order to complete the scheme.


Director of Social Services


Day Care Reconfiguration - Gardenhurst - refurbishment works at Gardenhurst had been carried out recently, including the reconfiguration of disabled toilets and installation of new shower facilities.  A bid for 2012/13 Capital funding for further health and safety works required at the property was successful and the sum of £100,000 was included in the Initial Capital Programme Proposals as reported to Cabinet on 16th November, 2011.  In order to minimise the disruption to clients within the centre who had been moved out once for this years works to be proceed, it had been decided to bring the most invasive works scheduled for 2012/13 back into this year, to avoid transferring the clients out once again.  Council on 7th March, 2012 had been asked to approve the transfer of £50,000 from the 2012/13 budget into 2011/12 in order for these works to be funded.  The sum of £50,000 remained in 2012/13 to cover works that do not require the clients to be decanted in order to proceed. 


Day Care Reconfiguration - Hen Goleg - various refurbishment works were ongoing but additional works had been incurred due to the need to replace the contractor for the scheme before completion of the scheme and some changes in the agreed original specification for the scheme.  The revised final cost anticipated for the scheme was £138,000 and the additional cost of £31,000 would be funded from existing resources. 


Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services


In order to pursue the achievements of the Welsh Housing Quality Standard Officer delegations had been exercised to approve the inclusion of three additional budgets within the current year's Housing Improvement Programme.  The approvals related to sewerage treatment works at Marcross, Environmental Improvements to cover fencing works at Awbery House and Major Damp Alleviation Works across the Council's housing stock.  Further virements had been required due to a number of difficulties with the roofing contractors, works detailing and weather conditions, the number of roofs expected to be completed as part of this year's HIP plan was expected to be approximately half of what was originally programme resulting in a reduction in the anticipated spend of some £615,000.  Following a number of meetings with contractors, a new programme had been agreed to counteract the underspend on the roofing works by switching budget and resources to windows, doors and door entry systems which had now been accelerated.  It had been estimated that an additional £347,000 could be spent on replacement windows, doors and door entry systems this financial year by extending current contracts.  There had been a budget reduction of £17,000 on sheltered scheme boilers as works had been completed below budget.  There was a further £220,000 allocation on Council Housing Adaptations, where shower installations had been accelerated, as well as an additional £50,000 approved for central heating and boiler replacements.  These budget virements had been approved by officer delegations.  Appendix 1 to the report had been updated to reflect these additional budgets and reflected an overall reduction of £15,000 on the whole HIP budget.


Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration


Road Safety Capital Grant 2011/12 - WG had approved the additional grant of £12,000 for line and signage works at Lower Green Farm along the A48.  The Chief Executive had exercised his emergency powers to include this grant in the Capital Programme in order that the money may be spent before 31st March deadline.


Safe Routes in Communities 2011/12 - extensive works were being undertaken along Colcot Road and Port Road, Barry to establish a footpath/cycle route from Barry Comprehensive School eastwards along Port Road.  This work was being carried out by the Council's Highways Contracting Unit and was 100% funded from the Welsh Government's Transport Grant.  The scope of the works had recently been increased with additional grant allocations such that the works were now to be extended to the top of the Barry Docks Link Road.  Works were now proceeding well and a full spend of the £708,000 grant allocation was expected to be achieved by the end of March.  The additional funding offer had been accepted and the Chief Executive's Emergency Powers had been exercised in order to include the funding in the Capital Programme.


Barry Waterfront Park and Ride - a recent bid for further grant funding for this scheme had now been approved by WG.  It became necessary for an additional £83,000 to be requested due to unforeseen rock excavation costs, new drainage runs due to poor ground conditions and extension of time and demobilisation/remobilisation costs due to Network Rail delays.  The additional funding offer had been accepted and Chief Executive Emergency Powers had been exercised in order to include the funding in the Capital Programme. 




IT Equipment 2011/12 - included within this budget was an allocation of £50,000 for a new WiMax network.  It had been decided that this was no longer a cost effective solution for mobile workers.  The service was now covered by the new mobile phone contract at a lower cost to the authority.  In order to maximise expenditure on this budget however, it had been agreed to increase expenditure on the current Internet Protocol Telephony budget by £50,000.  This project sought to upgrade the Council's core network switches in order to improve network and telephony performance.


Part of the report was to be referred to Council because it was contrary to and not wholly in accordance with the budget.




(1)       T H A T Council be recommended to adopt the following change to the Capital Programme:


           -     Llangan Primary School new car park - reduce the budget to £3,000 (carry forward £118,000 into 2012/13).


(2)       T H A T ……………..


Reason for decisions


(1&2)  To allow schemes to be undertaken in this or future financial years.”