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The Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) on 4 December, 2012 considered the above report.


Cabinet had referred the Plan for comments to the Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 19th November 2012.  Committee was informed that the Corporate Plan helped the Council deliver the aims of the Community Strategy and provided a focus for the Council’s approach to corporate governance and community leadership.  The Council’s Medium Term Financial Plan also outlined how the Corporate Plan was to be funded and consequently it was vital that these plans were aligned and reflected the priorities of the Vale.


In order to develop the priorities and objectives in the draft Plan, workshops had been held with Cabinet Members and officers.  Following these workshops, the Corporate Management Team produced a draft Plan for consultation ensuring that it was aligned to the Community Strategy 2011-21, Improvement Objectives, the Outcome Agreement and reflected the results of the Public Opinion Survey 2011/12.  The Corporate Plan provided a foundation for the annual Service Plans and the annual Improvement Objectives.  The Plan was structured around eight priority outcomes that were carried forward into Service Plans to ensure consistency and focus.  For every objective in the Corporate Plan there would be at least one action in one Service Plan. In terms of monitoring the Plan, all Scrutiny Committees regularly received reports on progress in delivering Service Plans and performance indicators which would continue.


The Council would be consulting with residents on both the draft Corporate Plan and the Budget Review process as both of these would focus on similar issues, a combined consultation was therefore being planned.  It was noted that a brief summary of the Corporate Plan would be compiled and presented to residents and also be available on the Council’s website, e-news and social media accounts.  The Corporate Consultation Officer would also be available to visit local consultative forums such as the Older People’s Forum to facilitate an open discussion.


During the discussion reference was made to

  • page 13 (point 5 of sustaining vibrant communities) which stated “complete the Rural Development Strategy by supporting schemes for more sustainability of rural communities”.  It was suggested that this be changed to read “complete existing Rural Development Plan and promote a new Rural Development Plan”.
  • Page 15 (environment) include in the section reference to monitoring for tree diseases. 

Having considered the report it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED –  That the following recommendations be forwarded to Cabinet for consideration:


(1)       T H A T the reference to the Rural Development Plan be amended to read “to complete the existing Rural Development Plan and promote a new Rural Development Plan”.


(2)       T H A T under the Environment, reference be made to “including monitoring  for tree diseases”.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       To clarify the current Rural Development Plan and note that a new one would have to be developed.


(2)       To recognise the current situation in relation to tree diseases.”






Cabinet, having considered the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment)




(1)               T H A T the recommendations from the Scrutiny Committee be accepted and be included in the Corporate Plan to be forwarded to Council for approval.


Reason for decision


(1)               To note changes to the Corporate Plan.