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C1226       External Funding Applications (L) (SCRUTINY COMMITTEE – CORPORATE RESOURCES) -


The purpose of the report was to inform Cabinet of external funding applications submitted / allocated to maximise the amount of external funding grant sought / utilised to support the delivery of corporate objectives.

Corporate Management Team had previously agreed procedures to improve the way in which the Council assessed and co-ordinated its bids for external grants.


An External Funding Framework covered the practicalities of maximising external funding opportunities to meet corporate objectives. The framework highlighted the criteria that potential applicants must address.


The report highlighted grants that had been attained / submitted / allocated under the following headings;

Crime Reduction & Anti Social Behaviour 2012/13.


The Safer Vale Partnership received an annual revenue allocation from the Home Office to provide services that addressed crime and disorder issues within the Community. £56,466 was awarded in 2012/13. The funding was utilised to address the priorities resulting from their strategic assessment which now feeds into the Vale of Glamorgan Community Strategy.


Safer Communities Fund 2012/13


The purpose of the Safer Communities Fund (SCF) was to support implementation of the principles of the all Wales Youth Offending Strategy (AWYOS), published jointly by the then Assembly Government and the Youth Justice Board (YJB) in July 2004. The AWYOS provided a national framework for preventing offending and re-offending among children and young people in Wales. The aim of the strategy was to make a real and significant reduction in the rates of youth offending in Wales.


£188, 576 was awarded in 2012/13 and the fund supported the action taken locally to identify children and young people at risk of offending and to provide appropriate programmes to re-engage and divert these children and young people, aged 8-18, away from offending behaviour.


Substance Misuse Action Fund 2012/13


The Safer Vale Partnership received an annual allocation from the Welsh Government to provide services that tackle substance misuse treatment and prevention that complements the Welsh Government's Strategy for Wales 'Working Together to Reduce Harm'.


An annual allocation was provided to all Community Safety Partnerships in Wales. The SaferVale Partnership has confirmed funding of £600,479 for 2012/13.


Each community safety partnership allocation was manged by an Area Planning Board. The board was made up of senior managers from all statutory and non statutory bodies that had an interest in the outcomes from commissioned substance misuse services. The Area Planning Board for the Vale of Glamorgan was coterminous with the university health board area; therefore the Vale's allocation was reviewed alongside Cardiff's allocation to ensure that the most appropriate services were commissioned across the locality.


Creative Rural Communities Enhancement and Extension Post 2013


The application related to funding from the Rural Development Plan for Wales to enhance and extend the Creative Rural Communities programme. Business Plan 2 of the Rural Partnership covered the period 1st March 2011 to 31st December 2013 and was approved for submission by Cabinet on 21st July 2010 (Min C997).


The Welsh Government had offered all Rural Partnership areas the opportunity to bid for additional funding to enhance existing projects and to extend the life of projects by one year until the end of December 2014. This was due to delays in reforms in Europe on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), any new RDP programmes in Wales were likely to be delayed. The aim of the exercise was to bridge the gap between the current programme and the new programme to limit the loss of momentum and knowledge.


The Safer Communities revenue funding allocated to the Safer Vale Partnership for 2012/13 was £188,576.

Welsh Government had allocated the Vale of Glamorgan £600,479 revenue funding under the Substance Misuse Action Fund for 2012/13. The fund contributed towards the cost of the Anti Social Behaviour Unit. SaferVale personnel employed via grants were on temporary contracts.


The total amount of funding applied for from the Rural Development Plan for Wales to enhance and extend the Creative Rural Communities Programme until June 2015 was £141,389.  The Vale Council match funding required from within the existing £200,000 identified in the Capital programme equated to £20,955. By extending the programme and enhancing projects it would mean that the Council was more exposed to risk on its match funding but officers were confident, based on past experience and current profile of comment that 100% of grants could be committed. An additional £20,000 had been requested from the Councils Capital Programme as a contingency sum via the bidding process. It was currently in the Final Capital Programme Proposals Report. 


At the meeting the Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Innovation, Planning and Transportation, praised the work of the creative rural communities and gave her full support to the report.

This was a matter for Executive and Council decision.




(1)                           …………….


(2)                           …………….


That Cabinet recommend to Council -


(3)                           T H A T the Capital Programme be increased  by £20,000 in 2013/14 to reflect the match funding required as a contingency for the Creative Rural Communities Programme, subject to the grant being accepted.  


Reasons for decisions


(1)                           …………….


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(3)                           To reflect the match funding potentially required for the creative rural communities programme.