Agenda Item No. 4

The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Democratic Services Committee: 19th October 2016


Report of the Managing Director


ICT Update for Members


Purpose of the Report

  1. To inform Members of any new developments or issues within the ICT service and how they relate to the services provided to them


  1. That Members note the content of the report.

Reason for the Recommendation

  1. To ensure Members are made aware of any developments to their ICT Service to the wider Council


  1. Minute No 559 of the Democratic Services Committee confirmed that this committee would widen its terms of reference to include responsibility for overseeing the Council's approach to Member Development, that the former Member ICT Working Group be not reappointed and that further reports be presented to this committee on future proposals in respect of ICT for Members and Member's ICT Strategy.
  2. It was also agreed that a Members' ICT update would be a standing item for this committee.

Relevant Issues and Options

  1. Contracts to replace the hardware for the Oracle E-Business Suite and to upgrade the Cisco telephony system have been advertised and awarded. The servers supporting the Oracle E-Business Suite have been in place for almost 10 years and have been very reliable, but will be changed before the end of the year.
  2. Minute C3109 from Cabinet on 14th March 2016 resolved that "the Council should purse the wider use by Elected Members of tablet computers, specifically in terms of Committee papers and for this to be referred to Cabinet for consideration". It was intended to present a report to Cabinet in September, but the range of hardware options that was being considered has changed and need to be more fully tested. A report to Cabinet will be presented before Christmas. The above report will reflect the fact that the Committee at its last meeting


(1)                T H A T Cabinet be informed that the Democratic Services Committee considers that there is scope for savings to be made in respect of the costs involved in terms of Members' use of IT and their receipt of Committee agendas / reports.

(2)                T H A T the Head of Strategic ICT include in his report to Cabinet in September options in terms of the Council's strategy for the provision of ICT equipment to new, and returning, Members following the 2017 Council elections

(3)                T H A T, in considering the above report, Cabinet be requested to take into account the views of this Committee……..

(N.B. The Committee's views referred to above are contained in the minutes of the last meeting and will be reported to Cabinet as part of the further report).

  1. In addition to the hardware for Members, Corporate Management Team have approved a trial of the Google for Work system as a possible replacement for Microsoft Office. This will test the functionality of the Google applications for e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and video conferencing. Around 50 staff have been selected to take part in the trial, including the Managing Director and it would be useful to have one or two Members involved in the evaluation.
  2. The Head of Strategic ICT will provide a presentation of the draft ICT and Digital Strategies at the meeting. Both of these will need further development and approval, but moving to a Digital First approach will need some careful handling if we are not to exclude those citizens who are not comfortable using technology.
  3. A national system for Social Services and Community Health (WCCIS) has been procured by Welsh Government, with the intention that all Councils and Health Boards move to the new system to improve collaboration and joint working to improve outcomes for patients. This Council is scheduled to move to the new system late in 2017 and this will change the way in which staff in these areas work. As a national system it will be hosted in the Welsh Government Data Centre in Blaenavon.

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

  1. There are no legal implications that arise as a result of this report

Crime and Disorder Implications

  1.   There are no Crime and Disorder implications for this report

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

  1. There are no equal opportunity implications that arise as a result of this report.

Corporate/Service Objectives

  1. To exercise robust financial management and explore all opportunities to improve efficiency and service quality including collaborative working.
  2. To deliver cost-effective support and service desk function to monitor performance, meet customer needs and communicate effectively.

Policy Framework and Budget

  1. The terms of reference of the Committee include responsibility for overseeing the Council's approach to Member Development, including Member ICT.,

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

  1. No Member consultation has taken place.

Relevant Scrutiny Committee

  1.   Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny Committee.

Background Papers


Contact Officer

David Vining - Head of Strategic ICT

Officers Consulted

Jeff Wyatt - Head of Democratic Services

Responsible Officer:

Rob Thomas - Managing Director