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The Cabinet reference and the report were considered by the Committee  with it being noted that the initial proposals were presented to the Committee for consideration and that any recommendations were to be referred to the Corporate Resources Scrutiny Committee by no later than 20th December 2011.  The final budget proposals were scheduled to be presented to Cabinet by no later than 29th February, 2012 with submission to Council by no later than 7th March 2012.


The Head of Accountancy and Resource Management presented the report advising that Appendix A to the report detailed the financial progress on the Capital Programme as at 30th September 2011.  The report also noted that with regard to the Barry Waterfront Park and Ride Additional Design, an additional grant sum of £46,000 for the scheme had been agreed by SEWTA to cover additional costs on the main contract sum and design and management fees due to additional works required on drainage, redesigning following the planning procedure and ecology related fees.  The Authority had also received grant funding of £74,792 to provide support for capital initiatives to achieve increased waste prevention and improve recycling initiatives under the Regional Capital Access fund.  It was intended that the capital funding would be used for a new recycling vehicle and the procurement process was being progressed by the Council’s Fleet Management Section.  Although tenders had not yet been received, it was anticipated that the vehicle would cost slightly more than the available grant and, as such, a contribution from revenue budgets of up to £30,000 would be needed.  Cabinet had also previously agreed that further information would be provided where schemes had a value of over £500,000 and showed a variance of 20% or more between actual spend and the profile.  It was noted that the following schemes had met this criteria:


·                    Llanmaes Flood Risk Management - Members were advised that despite having received funding for the Coldbrook Catchment Flood Management Scheme, it was extremely unlikely that grant funding for the Llanmaes scheme would be forthcoming this year.  The Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration would be addressing this issue shortly in a Cabinet report on both the Coldbrook and Llanmaes Flooding Schemes shortly. Councillor G John requested that the Head of Service kept Llanmaes Community Council informed on the matter.


·                    Vehicle Renewal Programme - expenditure on the budget was behind profile and the Head of Service advised that the original “All Wales Public Sector Framework Agreement for the Acquisition of Commercial Vehicles” had been replaced by the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation although the arrangement had not formally been accepted by the All Wales Fleet and Transport Managers Group and Welsh Purchasing Consortium which had caused a delay in the purchasing of vehicles in the financial year 2011/12.  Whilst every effort was being made to maximise expenditure on this budget, the Fleet Manager had advised that there could potentially be some underspend at the year end. 


Appendix B to the report outlined the proposed 2012/13 Capital Programme.  Members were advised that the bids would have to be evaluated for sustainable development under the headings:


·                    living within environmental limits

·                    ensuring a strong, healthy and just society

·                    achieving a sustainable economy

·                    promoting good governance.


Sustainability checklists would also be requested from Project Managers for each of the bids detailed.  They would be reviewed by members of the Sustainable Development Working Group with a view to ensuring that wherever possible the four sustainable targets were addressed.  The results would be included in the final Capital proposals report in February 2012. 


The Budget Working Group had prioritised the bids based upon the recommendations of the Corporate Asset Management Group with the method of prioritisation as follows:




Health and Safety Legislation



Other Legislation / Statutory requirement



Economic Sense



Corporate Plan






Condition / Suitability



Welsh Government objectives



Low Priority


In considering the report reference was made to the Dingle Road Bridge with Members being informed that it was the intention to fund a replacement via the Section 106 agreement from Penarth Heights.  Members also sought clarification on the criteria used to assess the need to refurbish children's play areas and were advised that the £100,000 detailed in the report referred to a generic fund for asset renewal which would be spent on a needs basis. An inventory of all play areas had also been undertaken and priorities had been identified. The Old Harbour revetment referred to at Appendix C related to general maintenance on the Harbour wall.  With regard to the partnership agreement with leisure centres, the Director of Environmental and Economic Regeneration advised Members that the process had been delayed due to  the slippage in the job evaluation process but discussions were ongoing regarding staff salaries and terms and conditions, etc.  Tenders had also been received approximately six weeks previously and a consultancy firm were currently assessing the tenders with a view to a report being presented to Cabinet and the Scrutiny Committee following the evaluation process. 


The Principal Regeneration Officer advised the Committee of some good news that had been received that day in relation to the Barry Island Footbridge in that £500,000 had been confirmed by the Department for Transport although clarification of the preferred contractor status needed to be ascertained in view of the fact the original tender had been submitted in 2009. 


The Chairman referred to a fatality that had recently taken place on the road from Barry to Dinas Powys and suggested that the Cabinet be requested to consider the provision of a cycle path on this stretch of road on the grounds of health and safety.  He suggested that the Cabinet could consider funding this provision from the Vehicle Renewal programme in view of the delay on the spend in that budget. The Chairman further suggested that the speed limit on the road should be reduced to 40mph in light of the recent fatality and other accidents that had taken place in the area.


In referring to Appendix B and the budget for substandard bridges the Chairman expressed his disappointment that Cross Common Road bridge had not been noted separately in the bids and that only £250,000 would be made available for bridge maintenance when he was aware that the cost for Cross Common bridge had previously been reported to be in the region of over £600,000 on its own.


Councillor Wilson referred to the bus lane at the Merrie Harrier junction Dinas Powys in that the traffic flow, bus lane and filtering arrangements were problematic and required further consideration.   


Following consideration of the report it was subsequently


RECOMMENDED - T H A T the Scrutiny Committee (Corporate Resources) and Cabinet be requested to consider


(1)       T H AT a pedestrian and cycle path route be provided on the stretch of road from Barry to Dinas Powys ie on the A4055 from Biglis roundabout to Southra Park Estate.


(2)       T H A T a full options appraisal be undertaken on the A4055 from the Biglis roundabout through Dinas Powys to the Merrie Harrier junction.


Reasons for recommendations


(1)       To establish a walking and cycling path urgently on health and safety grounds.


(2)       In order that a full assessment of the areas can be undertaken."