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C1660                       ALLOTMENT STRATEGY: 2012 - 2017 (VBS) (SCRUTINY - ECONOMY AND ENVIRONMENT) -


Agreement was sought of the draft Vale of Glamorgan Allotment Strategy 2012 - 2017. 


The Strategy had been produced to consider all sources of allotment provision within the Vale of Glamorgan.  The issue of insufficient allotment space would not be solved by the Council alone, and this was recognised within the Strategy.


The Strategy utilised data from the 'Open Space Background Paper', from the Vale of Glamorgan Local Development Plan 2011 - 2026.  The document was produced in November 2011 and therefore some of the data may have changed.  However, due to the increasing demand for allotments, it was suggested that the position as regards overall waiting list numbers could be worse.


The Strategy linked to the Council's Corporate Plan and Community Strategy and shared the same vision as these documents.  The specific aims of the Strategy were:

  • to provide a cohesive framework for the actions necessary to increase and improve allotment provision over the next five years
  • to better engage and empower individual plot holders and other sectors in the future provision and management of allotments and to make a positive contribution towards sustainability and the wellbeing of communities. 

The Strategy featured nine interrelated objectives, as follows:

  • to ensure that all Vale of Glamorgan Council allotments were managed and maintained so as to achieve maximum plot occupancy and quality
  • to assess both the current and latent demands for allotments throughout the Vale area for the next five years
  • to work with Community and Town Councils in addition to the private and voluntary sectors in meeting future allotment demand
  • to facilitate and encourage improved local management and control arrangements for allotments
  • to hold a central database of all allotment provision and waiting lists for all sectors
  • to give consideration to the provision of allotments as amenity space on all new residential developments, where such a demand existed
  • to reduce the future revenue costs of Vale of Glamorgan Council allotments
  • to reduce the environmental impact of allotment sites by promoting sustainable growing methods and working practices
  • to promote a healthier lifestyle by utilising allotment gardening as a method of addressing certain forms of ill health.

A further report would be provided to Cabinet on conclusion of the consultation process for the final Strategy to be agreed.


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)       T H A T the draft Strategy be agreed.


(2)       T H A T all relevant stakeholders be now consulted on the Strategy as detailed in the report together with the Creative Rural Communities Partnership Board and Farmers Union of Wales.


(3)       T H A T the report be referred to the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment).


(4)       T H AT a sum of £10,000 be made available, from the Visible Services Asset Renewal Budget for 2012/2013, to assist in funding the improvement works detailed within the Strategy.


(5)       T H A T on conclusion of a two month consultation period, a further report be provided to Cabinet advising of the consultation responses and proposing agreement of the final Strategy document.


Reasons for decisions


(1)       To ensure Cabinet agreement of the Strategy in draft.


(2)       To obtain the views of all stakeholders on the draft document.


(3)       To obtain the views of the relevant Scrutiny Committee.


(4)       To fund improvement elements of the Strategy.


(5)       To agree the consultation input and the final version of the Strategy.”




Attached as Appendix - Report to Cabinet: 14th March, 2012