Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council


Scrutiny (Economy and Environment) Committee: 19th June, 2012


Report of the Director of Visible Services and Housing


Barry Docks Link Road Highway Improvement - Update June 2012


Purpose of the Report

1.             To advise Members of the current position and proposed timescales regarding the Barry Docks Link Road Highway Improvement scheme.


1.             That Committee note the current position and proposed timescales for Barry Docks Link Road Highway Improvement Scheme.

Reasons for the Recommendations

1.             To advise Committee. 


2.             A request was made on 30th May 2012 by Councillor Anne Moore for the following to be considered by the Scrutiny (Economy and Environment) Committee:

"Subject:  Barry Docks Link Road.

Reason for the request:  Now that the Vale of Glamorgan has been successful in its bid to SEWTA in relation to safety improvements to the Barry Docks Link Road, would it be possible to have an update on this.  It would also be helpful to have proposed timescales for the work."


3.             Following a consultant's report, numerous low-key junction improvements had been progressed over recent years which had not completely resolved the fundamental issues.

4.             Recently installed vehicle activated warning signs indicate excessive speed, they also warn drivers of queuing traffic emerging from side roads.

5.             Further consultants investigations had considered a number of possible roundabout and traffic signal solutions.  Cabinet on 16th March 2011 (Minute C1256 refers) determined that a traffic signal option should be developed and that a bid be made to Welsh Government (WG) and the South East Wales Transport alliance (SEWTA) for funds.

6.             A report was presented to Cabinet on 18th April 2012 advising Members that the Council had been successful in its bid for funding for the highway safety improvements on Barry Docks Link Road and that £600,000 had been awarded from WG through SEWTA as Road Safety Grant for financial year 2012/13. 

7.             A meeting was held on 25th April 2012 with Councillor Geoff Cox, the then Cabinet Member for Visible and Building Services, and local Members including Councillors Anne Moore and Neil Moore (Cadoc Ward) and Councillors Val Hartery, Keith Hatton and Chris Williams (Dinas Powys Ward).

8.             The purpose of the meeting was to review traffic signal options, to consider positive and negative issues relating to each and to obtain feedback from the local Members.

9.             Members were reminded that the highway safety issues at the junction of Barry Docks Link Road/Argae Lane/Coldbrook Road East included:

  Illegal U-turn manoeuvres leading to fatalities,

  Difficult exit from Argae Lane resulting in gap seeking and fatality,

  Perceived speed problem.


10.        Two options were presented, namely:

Option 2a

Retains free-flow north-bound traffic movement from Coldbrook Road East.

Provides signal-controlled right turn out of Coldbrook Road East.

Provides signal-controlled left off-slip into Coldbrook Road East.

Provides signal controlled right turn out of Argae Lane.

Provides signal controlled left turn out of Argae Lane.

Provides free-flow left off-slip into Argae Lane.


Concerns remain that the inappropriate U-turn manoeuvre could still be attempted.  This could be frustrated by extending the centre island/providing bollards etc.  It is considered that the signalised right turn facility would negate the need to attempt the U-turn manoeuvre.  Care must be taken in maximising the northbound free-flow lane width to avoid possible congestion caused by vehicle breakdown. 


Option 5a

This would provide a fully signalised junction for all manoeuvres except for a free-flow left off-slip into Argae Lane.

This would provide for two northbound lanes through the junction on the Barry Docks Link Road.

This would negate the possible U-turn manoeuvre.

No free-flow northbound traffic movement out of Coldbrook Road East would be permitted possibly leading to back-up of queuing traffic on Coldbrook Road East. 


11.        Members were advised that both options would require two small parcels of land on Coldbrook Road East to improve capacity issues on the approach to the junction including:

An area on the south of Coldbrook Road East in the control of the Council’s Housing Department.

An area on the north of Coldbrook Road East with unidentified ownership. 


12.        The conclusions from the meeting included the following:

It was recognised that the free-flow northbound facility from Coldbrook Road East was desirable so as to limit likely queuing. 


It was considered likely that the U-turn manoeuvre would be negated with the provision of the right-turn signalised facility from Coldbrook Road East.


It was recognised that the free-flow left off-slip into Argae Lane was desirable so as to assist with junction capacity.


It was recognised that the signalised left and right turns out of Argae Lane would provide a safer junction operation.


13.        Members were advised that the following actions were to be progressed:

Model the 2 options to check on capacity and likely queue lengths;

Consider the traffic signal phasing to maximise the junction operation;

Commission a Stage 1 Highway Safety Audit for both options;

Clarify/progress land acquisition.


14.        It was agreed that once the aforementioned actions had been completed and a favoured solution identified then another meeting with local Members would be arranged.

Relevant Issues and Options

15.        The Council's Traffic Management team is currently modelling the two traffic signal options and a Stage 1 Road Safety Audit has been commissioned from Aecom Transportation.  The results of both these actions are expected by mid June at which time a favoured solution will be determined.

16.        The key dates for the progress of the project are as follows:

Detail design

completed by end of June 2012

Preparation of documents

completed by mid-July 2012

Appointment of Contractor

mid-July 2012


completed by end of October 2012




17.        There has been an opportunity to undertake some advance works prior to the main scheme commencing.  This work is to the south of Coldbrook Road East on the approach to Barry Docks Link Road junction which will comprise the re-alignment of the existing bus lay-by and kerbline to widen the existing carriageway.  The extent of the advance work is shown in Appendix 'A'.

These advance works are planned to commence Monday, 11th June, 2012 and will provide significant advantage with managing traffic flows in the vicinity of the junction when the main works commence.


18.        On completion of the Stage 1 Safety Audit a further meeting will be arranged with Members to discuss through the details of the preferred option.

Resource Implications (Financial and Employment and Climate Change, if appropriate)

19.        Capital funds of £600k have been provided by SEWTA as Road Safety Grant for the financial year 2012/13.

20.        The design, site supervision project management and construction of the scheme will be undertaken by the Council's Highways and Engineering Department (Visible Services).

Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)

21.        The Council as Highway Authority has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the highway user and may be found to be negligent if it does not meet its statutory obligations under the Highways Act 1980 and the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

22.        There are no Human Rights Implications.

Crime and Disorder Implications

23.        Improvements to highway safety help to reduce the potential for incidents of disorder.

Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)

24.        Improvements to highway safety benefit all sectors of the community.

25.        Any signage associated with future works in this location will comply with the requirements of the Council's Welsh Language Scheme.

Corporate/Service Objectives

26.        To maintain and develop a safe and effective highway.

Policy Framework and Budget

27.        This report is within the Policy Framework and Budget.

Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)

28.        None.

Background Papers

29.        None.

Contact Officer

Andrew Loosemore Operational Manager Highways and Engineering Tel No. 02920 673200


Officers Consulted



Responsible Officer:

Miles Punter, Director of Visible Services and Housing