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C1862            Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show - Vale of Glamorgan Council Business Breakfast, Feedback Report and Business Liaison Activities (RIPT) (Economy and Environment) -


Members received feedback on the Business Breakfast and Workshop session that was held during the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show on  22nd August 2012.  The report also set out proposals for future business liaison activities and networking.


The objectives of this year’s event was to:


(1)       Develop on-going relationships and dialogue with the business and tourism sectors of the Vale of Glamorgan.


(2)       Facilitate discussions between tourism and non-tourism businesses in the Vale of Glamorgan.


(3)       Capture the input from the two sectors to inform future activity of the Council's Creative Rural Communities, Regeneration, Tourism and Economic Development Teams.


The event was themed on a workshop style session and was facilitated by Phillipa Davies (Mrs Motivator).


Each table was hosted by a Cabinet Member and a officer of the Council. Attendees were asked two questions that formed the basis for the workshop  session these were;


(a)       What is really good about the Vale that we should be promoting and,


(b)       What are the gaps, either in provision or in links that might make existing facilities more effective?


Responses to the two questions were summarised in the report. The views of the delegates would inform the work of the Council, especially in relation to the key areas of marketing and branding, and the way in which the Council worked with partners in promoting the Vale of Glamorgan.  Particularly relevant was the fact that the Council was in the process of commencing work on a Destination Management Plan and that the feedback received from the Business Breakfast would assist in informing work on the Plan. 


The intention was to hold similar events, based around specific topics during the next twelve months and beyond. This would allow focused discussions on key themes and would help to inform decisions of the Council in moving forward on key issues relating to business in the Vale of Glamorgan.


At the meeting Councillor Burnett handed out a business breakfast feedback report and commented on the importance of setting objectives for such events rather than holding events with no outcomes or objectives. She further commented that it was good to see that everyone who attended the event contributed to discussion.


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)       T H A T the success of the Council's Business Breakfast held at the Vale of Glamorgan Agricultural Show be noted.


(2)       T H A T a delegate feedback report on the Business Breakfast be issued to all delegates for information and placed on the Council Website for information.


(3)       T H A T further focussed events would be held to consider key themes or topics at regular intervals throughout the year with delegate feedback reports being provided as necessary.


(4)       T H A T a copy of the report be referred to the Scrutiny Committee (Economy and Environment) for information.


(5)       T H A T officers involved in the organisation leading up to, during and after the Business Breakfast were sincerely thanked for their hard work and contribution to this successful event.


Reasons for Decisions


(1)       The report is for noting.


(2)       To inform delegates of the outcome of the event held on 22nd August 2012.


(3)       To enable meaningful engagement to be fostered with regard to economic development and related activity in the Vale of Glamorgan.


(4)       To keep the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee apprised of the situation.


(5)       To recognise the hard work of staff.


Attached as Appendix - Report to Cabinet: 15th October, 2012