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C1932                        Cardiff Local Development Plan 2006 – 2026: Public Consultation on the Preferred Strategy (RIPT) (Scrutiny – Economy and Environment) –


Cabinet was informed of the release of Cardiff Council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) Preferred Strategy document and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report that was approved for public consultation purposes in October 2012.


Cardiff Council submitted their previously prepared LDP to the Welsh Government for Examination in November 2009. However, the Inspectors examining the soundness of the Plan raised significant concerns and following agreement from the Welsh Government, Cardiff Council withdrew the LDP from the Examination in April 2010. Cardiff Council had subsequently commenced work on a new LDP covering the period 2006 - 2026 which would replace the existing structure and local plans for Cardiff when adopted. 


To date, Cardiff Council had completed the following stages in respect of their new LDP which had contributed to the preparation of the Preferred Strategy document:


submission and assessment of candidate sites;

consultation / approval of LDP vision and objectives (March 2011);

consultation on strategic options  (May / June 2011);

regional collaboration exercise (Winter 2011/12).


The Preferred Strategy document and Initial Sustainability Appraisal Report could be viewed on Cardiff Council's web site via the following link:,3139,3154,5845,6565&parent_directory_id=2865


The Preferred Strategy document set out a strategy for the future development of Cardiff and reflected its role as the capital city of Wales and economic driver of the wider city region to 2026. The document included the following elements;


·         new homes - to provide a range of choice and new housing opportunities,

·         employment - to provide a range and choice of new job opportunities and protect existing employment sites,

·         sustainable transport solutions -  aimed to maximise the use of sustainable transport and improve connectivity between Cardiff and the wider region,

·         Sustainable Neighbourhoods - to ensure that new homes and jobs form part of well planned communities which have the appropriate range of facilities. 

·         Protecting Cardiff's Environment - to minimise its impact on Cardiff's existing built and natural environment.


Councillor Burnett highlighted that the suggested response to not agree with the development of land North of Junction 33 was due to the fact that the development of this site had the potential to cause increased traffic congestion particularly within the rural wards of the Vale.


This was a matter for Executive decision.




(1)               T H A T the Council's formal response to the public consultation on Cardiff Council's LDP Preferred Strategy attached as appendix A to the report be approved.


(2)               T H A T a copy of the report be submitted to Planning Committee and Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee for information purposes.


Reasons for decisions


(1)               To obtain Cabinet's approval to submit the Vale of Glamorgan Council's consultation response to Cardiff Council by 14th December, 2012.


(2)               To ensure Planning Committee and the Economy and Environment Scrutiny Committee is kept informed of progress on Cardiff Council's new Local Development Plan 2006 - 2026.



Attached as Appendix – Report to Cabinet – 3rd December, 2012.