Agenda Item No


The Vale of Glamorgan Council



Voluntary Sector Joint Liaison Committee:  9th July 2014



Voluntary Sector



Vale Centre for Voluntary Services (VCVS) Annual Report



Purpose of the Report


1.         To provide the Committee with information on the work of VCVS throughout the year April 2013 – March 2014.




That Committee receive the report for information.


Reason for the Recommendation


As required by the terms of the VOGC/VCVS Deed of Grant.




2.1     Formed in 1997, VCVS is a member organisation, the infrastructure organisation for voluntary and community organisations based in, or serving, the Vale of Glamorgan. VCVS’ membership rose from 461 for 2012/2013 to 474 groups this year, over a 3% increase.


2.2       Our role is to support voluntary action in the Vale, which we do in a variety of ways and with a variety of partners.  Working to an annual Work Programme based on the Welsh Assembly Government’s Voluntary Sector Partnership Agreement Minimum Standards, we aim to encourage and inspire standards of excellence through our support and development, representation and joint working.


2.3       Whether representing the views of members nationally, or printing posters for a local group, we work to build the capacity of the voluntary sector in the Vale and raise awareness about the work it does to the benefit of the community as a whole.


2.4       VCVS is managed by a Board of Trustees nominated and elected by its membership.  During 2013/2014, VCVS had a paid staff of twelve – six core staff and six project staff.  As an organisation dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of service to our stakeholders, in 2001 VCVS adopted the Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Voluntary Organisations (PQASSO) created by the Charities Evaluation Service.


2.5       There are nineteen County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) throughout Wales all providing services to their local voluntary and community sector as laid down in the Welsh Assembly Government’s Voluntary Sector Partnership Agreement.


Relevant Issues and Options

Achievements in year 

VCVS’ main achievements during the year fall into the following areas:


3.1       Governance


3.1.1   Welsh Government Audit Review

The funding relationship between the WCVA and the Welsh Government was extensively reviewed during 2012-13 by Welsh Government’s Internal Audit Department. The focus of this review was concentrated on examining the financial controls and governance processes in place within the recipients of Third Sector Partnership Agreement funding.  


3.1.2   VCVS was one of four organisations in Wales that were selected for review and these organisations were chosen to represent a cross section of recipients of the Third Sector Partnership Agreement funding.  The Welsh Government Third Sector Unit was involved in the selection of organisations to visit.


3.1.3   This Welsh Government audit of VCVS took place in August 2013 over a three day period and was extremely thorough and penetrating.


3.1.4   The overall conclusions of the audit were positive and complementary stating:-


'Our review has demonstrated that VCVS has a robust control framework and sound governance processes. We have identified many instances of good practice.


Notable areas of good practice included:

  • Well administered and managed financial processes
  • Comprehensive accounting records;
  • Detailed reporting to the Board of Trustees;
  • A good level of scrutiny and challenge by the Board; and
  • Well informed Board Members.
  • demonstrating an appropriate level of segregation duties and management review'.

3.1.5   Evidence from our review indicates that risks are being identified and managed within the organisation and we are content with the risk management mechanisms adopted by VCVS.


3.1.6   We would like to acknowledge the hard work of the VCVS and its staff, and to thank them for their help and co-operation during this review.'  The report was welcomed by both the Board of Trustees and the staff of VCVS. 


3.2       Good Governance Award

In January 2014 VCVS won a runners-up prize in the Good Governance category of this year’s Third Sector Awards Cymru. This was excellent news for VCVS, with staff and Trustees having worked hard in ensuring that the organisation is fit for purpose and that robust policies and procedures are in place providing an exemplar for local groups.


3.3       Memorandum of Understanding / Merger

Vale Centre for Voluntary Services continues to work with organisations across the Vale of Glamorgan to encourage closer working practices to ensure efficient and cost effective delivery of services.


3.3.1   During 2013/14, as a final development of the existing Memorandum of Understanding between the Vale Volunteer Bureau and VCVS, Trustees of both organisions decided to form a Joint Working Group to investigate the possibility of the two organisations merging into one new organisation. A decision was taken in November 2013 that a new organisation would be formed and launched in April 2015. Work commenced towards the fulfilment of this goal with clear terms of reference for the Joint Working Group and the development of an action plan to ensure that the objective of merger was met within the given timescale. Members and stakeholders were informed of the decision to consider merger via newsletter and electronic bulletin. Funders were informed by formal notification and the decision to merge has been welcomed by them all.  Members have had the opportunity to complete an online survey which provides them with a chance to voice any concerns.  An event with stakeholders will be held in May 2014 and all will be kept informed throughout the process.


3.4       IT

3.4.1   Website

The VCVS website continues to be a major asset with a phenomenal 21% increase in the number of visits on the previous year. The website session visits rose to a remarkable 24,633 compared to the previous year of 7,895 which is a 212% increase


3.4.2   Communities 2.0

In February 2014, VCVS was approached to submit a bid to the Communities 2.0 programme to roll out a one year digital inclusion project for the Vale of Glamorgan.  The bid was successful and the project will run throughout 2014/15.


3.4.3   Social Media

VCVS has made a commitment to ensure that the Third Sector organisations operating in the Vale of Glamorgan have the opportunities to gain and build on their skills to make full use of 21st century communication mechanisms. All the staff of VCVS have undertaken Social Media training and a very successful and comprehensive programme of training courses has been developed for groups and organisations operating in the Vale of Glamorgan.


3.5       Development and Advice Services


3.5.1   Our offices in Barry are open to members and potential members for advice and development work.  We offer information and guidance to assist organisations to operate legally and efficiently e.g. by providing information on registering as a charity, how to put together a constitution, policies and procedures. 


3.5.2   VCVS has continued to provide Third Sector organisations with a range of support to develop ideas and projects.  Support has been offered in a variety of ways including face-to-face meetings, e-mail, telephone consultations and briefing sessions.  Our range of Information Sheets continue to be popular and these have been invaluable in helping us deal with the more general day-to-day enquiries.  This year has also seen more and more of our information available on line via our website, enabling our members and the wider sector to access appropriate development information and advice more effectively and at a time that suits them.


3.6       Information Service


3.6.1   We act as an information agency for and about our members, maintaining a comprehensive database and producing a directory of our members to publicise their services; its availability is advertised regularly. We have produced information leaflets on VCVS’ services in Welsh. Our information service was used 1,525 times and the 82% of members with e-mail addresses were also able to receive an additional 53 (add HSCWB e-bulletins) time specific VCVS bulletins during the year. 


3.6.2   'Vista', our quarterly magazine, is published and printed in-house four times a year and has a print run of 424 copies. The magazine is also e-mailed to 316 individuals and groups. 'Vista' is available in CD format and sent to three groups whose members have a visual impairment. 'Vista' is supplemented by regular updates of newsletters on Health, Social Care and Well Being and Sustainable Funding News.  Over the past year, eight updates were produced.


3.6.3   VCVS launched its new website in August 2012; it has gone from strength to strength with the News posts page being particularly successful. The News posts page consists of items/articles on topics appropriate to the local voluntary sector.


3.6.4   For 2013/2014 the website session visits rose to a remarkable 24,633 compared to the previous year of 7,895 which is a 212% increase on 2012/2013. The figures demonstrate the impact of VCVS’ new website.  The downloadable information service continues.  VCVS has a live searchable members’ directory which can be accessed through the website. 


3.6.5   Our comprehensive range of information sheets are available in both English and Welsh for voluntary organisations to access either by hard copy, e-mail or through our website. This service is free to voluntary organisations and has yet again been a resounding success. 73,463 information sheets have been requested or downloaded over the last year.


3.7       Practical Services


3.7.1   These are a real benefit to many small voluntary organisations with little or no spare income.  Low cost, reliable printing, help with desktop publishing, the loan of display equipment for exhibitions and presentations – these are some of the services that VCVS can offer its member groups. 


3.7.2   Our reprographic services were used 118 times this year, with 100% of responses evaluating them as 'excellent'.  With the help of our booklet making, laminating, collating and folding machines, the use of our meeting room and equipment, a professional effect can be achieved by any of our member groups.


3.8       Networks and Fora


3.8.1   Our Networks and Fora continue to be a popular way for voluntary and community organisations to access and share information.  Networks and Fora supported by VCVS were:


3.8.2   Vale Trustee Network

The Network provides the opportunity to access free up to the minute professional expertise on issues critical to good governance and management.  The Network is the only local forum dedicated to responding specifically to the requirements Trustees encounter in undertaking their governance roles and responsibilities.  In the past 12 months, the Network has received presentations covering changes to the Disclosure and Barring Service and Tendering for Trustees.


3.8.3   Vale Housing and Homelessness Forum

This Forum is the longest established of all our networks and fora. It has been operating ever since VCVS came into existence.  It works to terms of reference and is made up of agencies (both Third Sector and statutory) that have an interest in housing, homelessness and related problems and issues.  The Forum acts as a representative body in consultation with statutory agencies.


3.8.4   The Forum also links in with other strategic partnerships, networks and fora, e.g. Safer Vale Partnership, Health Social Care and Well Being Network and the Domestic Abuse Forum.


3.8.5   Vale Voluntary Action and Community Development Network (VVACDN)

In January 2014 the Vale Voluntary Action Network (VVAN) merged with the Vale Community Development Network (VCDN) to form the Vale Voluntary Action and Community Development Network (VVACDN).  Another successful year was had with 61 people representing 34 organisations attending the three meetings. A variety of informative and interesting presentations were arranged and VCVS and the Vale Volunteer Bureau also provided useful input at each meeting. Presentations were provided by:

  • Creative Rural Communities
  • Waitrose
  • 'Play Aloud' project
  • Diverse Cymru 'Community Voice' project
  • Bro Radio CIC
  • Natural Resources Wales 'Allan â Ni! Come Outside!' project.


3.9       Funding Services


3.9.1   VCVS’ funding and information service provided support to 139 groups throughout the year, nearly a third lower than the previous year. However, there was a reported nine fold increase in the amount of funding that groups obtained at £466,063.


3.9.2   Four editions of the Sustainable Funding Newsletter were produced containing information about 41 different funders along with other useful articles to assist groups in their search for vital funds. Updates are posted two or three times a week on the funding section of the website and regular weekly e-bulletins were sent to over 350 groups.


3.9.3   Six Funding Surgeries were held with representatives from the Big Lottery Fund, BBC Children in Need, Comic Relief, Heritage Lottery Fund and two with Environment Wales, the latest funder to join this service. Forty one groups attended the Funding Surgeries and received valuable advice.


3.9.4   Funding is still a major issue for many groups as the economic situation becomes harsher particularly for those groups that receive most of their funding from statutory bodies e.g. local authorities. More groups are seeking funding from other sources e.g. Trusts and Foundations and this is creating a more competitive environment.


3.10    Training Service


3.10.1 During the year 14 group training events were scheduled, all aimed at building the capacity of local organisations.  Training opportunities were offered on the following subjects:

  • Community fundraising
  • POVA Level 1
  • Basic photography  x 3
  • Making the most use of social media
  • Minute Taking
  • Introduction to Trust Fundraising
  • POVA Level 1
  • Basic First Aid
  • Planning & Writing Successful Funding Bids
  • Basic First Aid
  • Governing your organisation
  • Introduction to Social Media.


3.10.2 A total of 151 delegates attended the training courses. 99% rated the training as good or excellent and the other 1% rated it satisfactory.


3.10.3 VCVS has continued with its IT 1-2-1 training courses. VCVS held 7 1-2-1 training sessions with all attendees rating the courses good or excellent.


3.11    Partnerships, Consultation and Joint Working


3.11.1 The Third Sector is seen as an important partner in supporting the work of statutory bodies in a wide range of areas, and VCVS is committed to working in partnership to develop and improve local services.


3.11.2 VCVS continues to facilitate Third Sector representation in formal joint planning in accordance with the agreed Protocol between the Local Authority and the Third Sector, via the Health, Social Care and Well Being Network, or via the full VCVS membership where appropriate. 



3.11.3 Some of the key Strategic Partnerships on which VCVS plays a key role include:

Vale Local Service Board

Vale Local Service Board Implementation Group

Children and Young People’s Partnership

Families First/Flying Start Strategic Executive Group

Cardiff and Vale Integrated Health & Social Care Programme Board

Vale Public Health & Wellbeing Board

Creative Rural Communities

Safer Vale Partnership

Vale Learning and Skills Partnership

Equalities Consultative Forum

Vale Environmental, Economic and Regeneration Partnership

Barry Regeneration Area Board

Voluntary Sector Joint Liaison Committee

Barry Communities First Cluster Partnership

The Wyn Campaign (frail older people’s services)


3.11.4 Joint Working Groups

Area Adult Protection Committee

Barry Hospital Stakeholder Group

Barry LHTC Development Group

Barry Market Stall Steering Group

BIG People’s Millions

C Card Steering Group

Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board

Cardiff and Vale Communication Hub Sub Group

Cardiff and Vale UHB Stakeholder Reference Group

Cardiff and Vale UHB Third Sector Task Group

Cardiff University School of Social Sciences Ethics Committee

Care and Repair Strategic Business Planning Committee

Carers Sub Group

Carers Support and Information Network Group

Change Plan – Change Coordination Group

CYP Emotional & Mental Health Improvement Group

Community Health Council Patient and Public Engagement Network

Creative Rural Communities – Greenlinks Steering Group

Creative Rural Communities Local Action Group

Developing volunteering in the UHB

Domestic Abuse Forum

Domestic Abuse Forum – Strategic Management Group

Falls and Bone Health Partnership

Food and Physical Activity group

Health Challenge Vale

Health, Social Care and Well Being Business Planning Group

Learning & Skills Adult & Community Learning Management Group

LSB Asset Management Group

LSB Customer Contact Group

LSB Shared Training Opportunities Group

Local Service Board Finance Group

Safer Vale Commissioning and Co-ordination Group

Safer Vale Substance Misuse Advisory Team

Social Care Workforce Development Partnership

South East Health and Social Care Facilitators group

Sport Lot Community Chest

Tobacco Free Cardiff and Vale

UHB Carers Strategy Working Group

UHB Seasonal Planning Group

UHB Volunteer Stakeholder Group

UHB Workforce Modernisation Group

Vale Community Rehab Team

VOGC Providers Forum

Vale Locality Group

Vale Older people’s Forum

Workforce Strategy Group

Cardiff and Vale Learning Disability Planning Group

Domiciliary Care Providers Forum

Workforce Development Sub Group Meeting


3.11.5 National networks

BIG Child’s Play Regional Advisory Group

Institute of Fundraising Cymru

National Health & Social Care Facilitators Group

Wales Association of County Voluntary Councils

WCVA Assembly Liaison Group

WCVA Equality and Human Rights Coalition

WCVA Health and Social Care network

Wales Funders Forum


3.12    Health, Social Care and Wellbeing


3.12.1 The Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Network

This network provides an opportunity to bring together all voluntary organisations operating in the Vale of Glamorgan who have an interest in health and social care.  It facilitates a strong, collective voice, supports the involvement of voluntary organisations in planning, development and delivery of health and social care services, influences health and social care policy to bring about change and improve services and facilitates communication between the voluntary and statutory and other sectors.  The Network has increased in numbers over the year and currently has over 260 members.


3.12.2 Four Network meetings were held during the year, with a variety of presentations including the Vale Council Corporate Plan, Gibbonsdown Children’s Centre, Barnardo’s and Inroads project Up2U, Barry Communities First, the Vale Locality Operational Plan and the Lottery funded Co-creating Healthy Change project.  Over 70 people attended three Network meetings during 2013 – 2014.


3.12.3 Network e-bulletins

The monthly Network e-bulletins continue to receive good feedback. The e-bulletins include updates on health and social care services in the Vale, updates from Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, from voluntary organisations and wellbeing information. 



3.12.4 Developing links to Cardiff and Vale UHB ward staff and Clinical Boards

In 2013 – 2014 VCVS started to develop our links with ward staff and front line staff in the Health Board.  This included meeting with Specialist Services, Unscheduled Care and a meeting with Ward Managers which was also attended by Age Connects.  We’ll be continuing this work by improving Third Sector links with Clinical Boards.


3.12.5 VCVS and C3SC are also now attending monthly Health Board inductions for their new staff.  This is a great way of increasing awareness about the voluntary sector and we have used a number of case studies to illustrate voluntary sector services.


3.12.6 Working with Vale Locality Team and Vale Community Resource Service (VCRS)

The Vale Locality Engagement Group has proved an excellent way of providing updates on voluntary sector services to lead health and social care staff, such as the GP Community Directors, the lead for District Nurses and lead for Therapies.  We’ve been able to highlight services such as Marie Curie carers’ project, voluntary sector transport schemes and Cardiff Institute for the Blind services.  VCVS also attended a Vale Community Resource Service (VCRS) development day.  We are pleased that funding was obtained from the Regional Collaborative Fund to run a pilot project whereby the British Red Cross are co-located with the Community Resource Service in their new location in Barry Hospital and Age Connects are co-located with the teams in Cardiff.


3.12.7 Linking with Vale GPs

Voluntary organisations were invited to attend GP training sessions on mental health, substance misuse and older people’s services.  This was an effective way of providing GPs and practice managers with information about voluntary sector services.  We hope to build on this in 2013 – 2014.


3.12.8 The Wyn Programme

This programme focusses on improving health and social care services for frail older people in Cardiff and the Vale.  VCVS, as the lead for Cardiff and Vale, is on the Wyn Programme Steering Group and has also been a partner in the Supportive Communities around Wyn project, which is led by the Public Health Team, encouraging earlier signposting to a range of services which support older people.

VCVS worked with partners to put on a Falls Awareness event in June 2013 which was attended by over 50 staff from all sectors.  Speakers included Care and Repair, Age Connects, British Red Cross and Health Board staff and a demonstration of Extend which everyone joined in.


3.12.9 Consultation and engagement events

VCVS held consultation events on the Vale Needs Assessment for Older People, future development of the Bryneithin site and the development of the information centre at Llandough Hospital.  We also worked with C3SC on consultation events on the Social Services Bill, the South Wales Programme and the annual Keeping in Touch with the Third Sector event.  Over one hundred people attended these events.


3.12.10Directory of Voluntary Sector Services for Older People

In response to a number of requests for information about services for older people, VCVS developed a Directory listing services by areas such as befriending, good neighbours, housing adaptations, advocacy etc.  The Directory has been distributed to the CRTs/Vale CRS and is on the Health Board’s intranet site.


3.12.11Vale of Glamorgan directory of voluntary sector services for carers

VCVS has now circulated this directory to all Vale Councillors and is continuing to keep the online version up to date.


3.12.12Carers Support and Information Network Group (CSING)

The Health and Social Care Facilitator continues to facilitate Cardiff and Vale CSING, a group which brings together staff from voluntary organisations and health and social care services.  CSING has been identified as an example of good practice in partnership working.


3.12.13Making Every Contact Count

This training course has been developed to ensure that we all make the best of every appropriate opportunity to raise the issue of healthy lifestyles.  VCVS has worked with C3SC to deliver training to the voluntary sector.  So far, three training sessions have been held attended by over 30 staff from both voluntary and statutory sectors.


3.13    VCVS’ Environmental Impact


3.13.1 VCVS is committed to the welfare of the environment and endeavours to have a positive environmental impact.  VCVS recycles its printer cartridges, paper, tins, bottles, cardboard, plastics and most office equipment.  VCVS strives to send more and more information by e-mail and is now sending its membership approval packs by e-mail and using electronic questionnaires and evaluation forms instead of hard copies.


3.14    Efficiency savings


3.14.1 VCVS is committed and determined to make the best use of funders’ money so has made efficiency savings in a number of areas.  VCVS will constantly aim to become more efficient in every area of its work. Some of the saving initiatives include: encouraging over 316 contacts to receive VCVS’ Vista magazine and supplements by e-mail; introducing an e-bulletin service; restricting telephone calls made to mobile phones; turning off electrical items when not in use; using a smaller VCVS room for our training courses rather than paying for room hire and encouraging our staff to only print if required. This, together with constant vigilance and hard negotiation, continues to ensure that VCVS is getting the best possible deals on contracts and services.


3.15    Projects


3.15.1 The two cross region (Cardiff & Vale) consortium projects that VCVS is involved with continue to work extremely well.


3.15.2 Friendly AdvantAGE

VVS is the fund holder and consortium manager for Friendly AdvantAGE and the project has gone from strength to strength in year two.  The project received 235 referrals. One-to-one befriending was provided to 121 beneficiaries and over 120 older people have benefited from attending community activities.


3.15.3 Volunteers are essential to the project and a total of 123 volunteers have been recruited to provide befriending to older people. During this past year Friendly AdvantAGE volunteers have delivered 4,088 hours of volunteering which is worth an extra £33,889 of funding to the project.

3.15.4 Through excellent financial management by all consortium members, Friendly AdvantAGE had carried forward a substantial underspend. The Lottery agreed that some of this underspend could be used to extend the working hours of the Let’s Get Out Project Co-ordinators and the Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern Co-ordinator enabling the projects to reach more beneficiaries. Financial underspend will also be used to extend Friendly AdvantAGE beyond its original end date of October 2015. Friendly AdvantAGE will now end in February 2016.


3.15.6 Through its involvement with the AdvantAGE Project Manager’s Network, Friendly AdvantAGE has been contributing to the evaluation of the AdvantAGE programme being conducted by Oldbell 3. Friendly AdvantAGE has submitted its evaluation material which will be added to a meta-analysis report due to be published in the Summer of 2014.


3.15.7 VCVS is leading this consortium project which is delivering a befriending programme for older people across both Cardiff and the Vale and includes the partner organisations - Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC), Age Concern Cardiff and the Vale, Scope Cymru and Dinas Powys Voluntary Concern. The project had a very successful first year of operation and a volunteers’ event is planned for April 2013.


3.15.8 Co-Creating Healthy Change

VCVS, in partnership with Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) - who is the fund holder and consortium lead, together with a group of other organisations, submitted a successful consortium bid for a consortium project covering both Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.  The project is working well and VCVS are ensuring that there is provision for the Vale of Glamorgan.


3.15.9 Vale Youth Forum

The Vale Youth Forum has enjoyed a very successful and interesting year working in conjunction with the Vale of Glamorgan Youth Council and Youth Mayor. Funding bids submitted to the People and Places Lottery strand have not yet been successful and the future of the project is currently being considered.


3.15.10Barry: A New Community

This Heritage Lottery funded, eighteen month, family history project commenced in July 2013. The project is progressing well with enormous enthusiasm being demonstrated by local people.


3.15.11Over 300 students at Bryn Hafren School have been involved together with twelve adult volunteers.  Two articles for History publications produced; numerous people have been helped to trace their families; the co-ordinator has been interviewed on BBC Wales; development of digital narratives in relation to ships lost in World War One and the co-ordinator has collaborated with University of South Wales students who have created a website with stories and interviews that relate to Barry and its past and all of this has been supported by a strong group of volunteers.


3.15.12The Project is now in its final six months and that means we are focusing on legacy, and on helping others who are seeking to submit new Heritage Lottery bids as one of our commitments was to generate an interest in history and encourage the creation of a Historical Group.


3.16    Plans for the Future


3.16.1 With partners in Health, VCVS is looking to develop a pilot brokerage project that will work with the Community Resource Teams. This project should commence in October 2014 and run for six months.


3.16.2 VCVS has been successful in bidding for funding for a three year Consortium Development Project that will seek to support local organisations to develop consortia to bid for funding and deliver services to local people and communities. The project will commence in August 2014.


3.16.3 Vale Centre for Voluntary Services (VCVS) and Vale Volunteer Bureau (VVB) have had a Memorandum of Understanding, agreed by both Boards, which has committed them to working together and to sharing resources, in place for the past three years.  The latest development of the MoU is that the two organisations have now agreed to a formal merger to form a new organisation that will serve the communities of the Vale of Glamorgan. Trustees view this move as an opportunity to further the development of quality services, bringing together the best from each organisation and strengthening the voice of the sector, rather than as a simple cost saving exercise.


3.16.4 This development will mean that 2014/15 will be the final year of operation for Vale Centre for Voluntary Services.  Whilst this will draw to a close an era of great success and quality service delivery it is also the beginning of an exciting new era with endless possibilities for further quality service development, innovation and a strengthening of the infrastructure organisations that serve the Third Sector organisations in the Vale of Glamorgan..


3.16.5 Throughout 2014/15 extensive and through work will be undertaken to ensure that the new organisation takes the best from both VCVS and VVB and to ensure that the new organisation set to be in place in April 2015 will be fit for purpose and able to take forward the excellent work that has preceded it.


3.16.6 Funding for a feasibility study into developing a Third Sector Hub, which will house the new organisation together with other local organisations, has been included in the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s current bid to Welsh Government’s Vibrant and Viable Places regeneration funding programme.


3.16.7 The three main funders of the two organisations have all expressed their support for this development and it is imperative that effective negotiations take place throughout 2014/15 to ensure that funding agreements are in place to take the new organisation forward.


Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)


Sustainability and Climate Change Implications


Legal Implications (to Include Human Rights Implications)


4.         Whilst there are no direct legal implications arising from this report, maintaining good relations with VCVS will benefit the community in terms of improvement to human rights.


Crime and Disorder Implications


5.         VCVS’ work with voluntary and community groups throughout the Vale of Glamorgan should assist in increasing social inclusion and reducing crime.


Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language issues)


6.         Equal The Council’s position on equality of opportunity is put into daily practice through the funding of VCVS’ work with the voluntary and community groups operating in the Vale of Glamorgan.


Corporate/Service Objectives


7.         Partnership working is a Core Value within the Council’s Corporate Plan Policy Framework and Budget


Consultation (including Ward Member Consultation)


8.         n/a


Relevant Scrutiny Committee


9.         All Scrutiny Committees


Background Papers


Contact Officer


Rachel Connor, Executive Director, Vale Centre for Voluntary Services (VCVS)


Officers Consulted




Responsible Officer:


Rachel Connor, Executive Director, Vale Centre for Voluntary Services (VCVS)