Scrutiny Committee Membership 2017/18



Corporate Performance and Resources Scrutiny Committee (10 members)

Chairman:  Councillor George Carroll;

Vice-Chairman: Councillor Vince Driscoll;

Councillors: Robert Crowley, Owen Griffiths, Stephen Griffiths, Ian Johnson, Peter King, Neil Moore, Leighton Rowlands and Eddie Williams


Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee (10 members)

Chairman: Councillor Vincent Bailey;

Vice-Chairman: Councillor Matthew Lloyd;

Councillors: Pamela Drake, Vince Driscoll, Stewart Edwards, Gwyn John, Neil Moore, Andrew Robertson, Ruba Sivagnanam and Steffan Wiliam

Healthy Living and Social Care Scrutiny Committee (10 members)

Chairman: Councillor Bronwen Brooks;

Vice-Chairman: Councillor Kathryn McCaffer;

Councillors: Julie Aviet, George Carroll, Christine Cave, Stewart Edwards, Kevin Mahoney, Rachel Nugent-Finn, Leighton Rowlands and Neil Thomas 

Homes and Safe Communities Scrutiny Committee (10 members)

Chairman: Councillor Margaret Wilkinson;

Vice-Chairman: Councillor Mark Wilson;

Councillors: Bronwen Brooks, Christine Cave, Millie Collins, Ben Gray, Sally Hanks, Kathryn McCaffer, Michael Morgan and Rachel Nugent-Finn


One representative, as a non-voting observer, from each of the following organisations:


Shelter Cymru

Vale Housing and Homelessness Forum


plus four representatives from Tenant Working Group/Panel.

Learning and Culture Scrutiny Committee (10 members)

Chairman: Councillor Lis Burnett;

Vice-Chairman: Anthony Hampton;

Councillors: Rhiannon Birch, Ben Gray, Nic Hodges, Matthew Lloyd, Michael Morgan, Jayne Norman, Sandra Perkes and Marguerita Wright


Also invited to attend as co-opted members:

   Roman Catholic Church

   Church in Wales

   Parent Governor - Secondary Sector

   Parent Governor - Primary Sector


Also invited to attend as non-voting observers:


   Welsh medium education


   Vale Youth Forum

   Vale Youth Forum



   Free Churches