Community Strategy Delivery Plan 2014-18

Delivery Plan


The Community Strategy is delivered by all PSB partners working together through the key partnerships. The strategy was developed by the Vale Local Service Board and has since been adopted by the new Public Services Board. The Strategy identifies ten broad priority outcomes for the Vale and covers the period 2011-21. Since 2011 the Strategy has been supported by a focused delivery plan, initally adopted for the period 2011-2014. In 2014 the former LSB agreed a new delivery plan for the period 2014-18 which has subsequently been adopted by the PSB.


The LSB recognised the need for the delivery plan to be focused on a smaller number of actions than the previous plan and in areas where the LSB could add value. It was also recognised that a large amount of work to deliver the Community Strategy already takes place through the partnerships which have additional targeted plans and strategies in place.


Following initial discussions at the LSB, a matrix was produced considering the findings of the 2013 unified needs assessment, existing plans and strategies and Welsh Government agendas to help identify an initial shortlist of potential  workstreams. One of the key findings of the needs assessment was the inequalities that exist within the Vale that can often become masked by local authority level data. It was therefore agreed that the delivery plan would focus on tackling poverty and should be aligned to the Welsh Government Anti-Poverty Strategy. The plan outlines actions to be delivered under three workstreams. These are:


Preventing poverty

Align Families First, Communities First and Flying Start programmes to help children, families and communities to escape poverty.


Helping people into work

Improve opportunities for employment and skills development to improve access to jobs that can be a route out of poverty and to a better quality of life.


Mitigating the impact of poverty

Improve the advice and support available for Vale residents experiencing financial and housing difficulties enabling them to maintain a suitable standard of living and to find a route out of poverty.


The PSB has since adopted the delivery plan and will continue to work to deliver the actions contained within these workstreams. The delivery plan also takes into account which of the seven wellbeing goals actions under each workstream will contribute to and this is included in the plan.


The delivery plan 2014-18 is designed to be a dynamic document, with progress reported to the PSB on a regular basis and actions amended where required. A copy of each previous version of the plan and the accompanying PSB progress report will be published to the 'Measuring Success' section.