Public Services Board

From 1 April 2016, the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 introduced statutory Public Services Boards (PSB) across each local authority area in Wales.


PSBs will work together to improve the social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being of the board's area. The newly formed PSBs will consist of four statutory Members:

  • The relevant Local Authority
  • Health Board
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • A range of other partners known as 'Invited Participants'

In line with the Act, each PSB is required to assess the state of well-being across the area as a whole and within its communities to inform the PSB’s Well-being Plan. The plan must be published by April 2018 and should set out a series of well-being objectives identifying the priorities the PSB has agreed for the area in order to contribute to achieving seven national well-being goals as set out by the Act.


More information about the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, Public Services Boards and the seven national well-being goals can be accessed via the Welsh Government website. The Wales We Want website contains information about the national conversation which has informed the Act.



'Our Vale' - The Vale of Glamorgan Public Services Board

Our Vale replaces the former Local Service Board (LSB) and is made up of the main public sector and community organisations operating in the Vale of Glamorgan. 


At the first meeting of the PSB, it was agreed that the board will adopt the former Local Service Board Plans/ Strategies, Partnership Structures and performance management arrangements in order to ensure momentum continues whilst the Vale of Glamorgan's Well-being Assessment is undertaken and the Well-being Plan is developed.




Following this process, the PSB's structures, strategies and performance management arrangements will be reviewed in order to ensure they will support the implementation of the new Well-being Plan and are fit for purpose.


During this period of development of the Well-being Plan, as the PSB has adopted the former LSB plans and strategies and it's key partnerships, the PSB is now responsible for delivering the Community Strategy 2011-21 priority outcomes and the Delivery Plan 2014-18 workstreams.


The Vale of Glamorgan PSB is comprised of the following organisations:



For more information about the Public Services Board please contact the Strategy and Partnership team.