Key Partnerships

working togetherIn order to deliver the Community Strategy 2011-21 and Delivery Plan 2014-18 a number of strategic partnerships have been established.


Members of the partnerships are representatives from the statutory and voluntary sectors, businesses and community groups working together to deliver the Community Strategy priority outcomes and the delivery plan 2014-18. Each partnership may also work to deliver a range of other plans and strategies which all contribute to achieving the Community Strategy outcomes.  


The partnerships outlined below were originally established under the umbrella of the former Local Service Board and have now been adopted by the new 'Our Vale' Public Services Board. A diagram showing the structure of the PSB and the partnerships outlined below can be found at the bottom of this page.


The key PSB partnership groups are:


Children and Young People's Partnership Board

The Children and Young People's Partnership Board works to ensure that children and young people in the Vale are well informed and supported to access a broad range of quality services that enable them to take full advantage of the life opportunities available in their local communities and beyond.


Safer Vale

The Safer Vale Partnership, is committed to creating a safer environment, in which people can live, work and visit, free from crime and disorder and the fear of crime.


Integrating Health and Social Care

Through the Integrated Health and Social Care Partnership, the Cardiff and Vale Regional Partnership Board brings together colleagues who provide health and social care for the people of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. The partnership seeks to improve services by working more closely together for groups of people in our communities including older people, children with complex needs, those with learning disabilities and those experiencing mental health issues. The regional partnership is responsible for ensuring our duties under the Social Services and Well-being Act are met. A diagram outlining the structure of the partnership can be found at the bottom of this page.


Cardiff and Vale Health and Wellbeing Board

The Cardiff and Vale Health and Wellbeing board focuses on public health issues and reports to the respective PSBs - the 'Our Vale' Public Services Board and Cardiff Public Services Board.


Financial Inclusion Group

The role of the Financial Inclusion Group is to ensure there is a coordinated approach to tackling the effects of changes to the welfare system in the Vale of Glamorgan, and to improve the advice and support available for Vale residents experiencing financial and housing difficulties, enabling them to maintain a suitable standard of living and to find a route out of poverty. The group will focus on working to tackle a range of connected issues including in-work poverty, fuel poverty and food poverty and leads on delivering the 'Mitigating the Impact of Poverty' delivery plan workstream. As part of this delivery plan workstream, the partnership has also developed a Financial Inclusion Strategy which can be found below.


Improving Opportunities Board

The role of the Improving Opportunities Board is to ensure improved opportunities for employment and skills development to improve access to jobs that can be a route out of poverty and to a better quality of life. The board leads on delivering the 'Helping People into Work' delivery plan workstream.


Poverty Alignment Group

This group brings together Families First, Flying Start, Communities First and Supporting People to increase alignment between programmes and avoid duplication. The group leads on delivering the 'Preventing Poverty' delivery plan workstream.


Business Intelligence Group

To ensure the PSB has a robust evidence base when determining its priorities, the Business Intelligence Group was established to bring together data analysts and other relevant officers from across  partner organisations. More information about the PSBs performance monitoring arrangements can be found under 'Measuring Success'. In light of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, the Business Intelligence Group will play a key role in supporting the Public Services Board carry out the Well-being Assessment as required by the Act.



Older People

Although not an official partnership of the Public Services Board, the specific needs of older people have been recognised by as a priority area through priority outcome four of the Community Strategy - to ensure that "older people are valued and empowered to remain independent, healthy and active. They have equality of opportunity and receive high quality services to meet their diverse needs". Partners also work together to deliver the Welsh Government's Strategy for Older People and the Older Peoples' Commissioner's Ageing Well Programme. To demonstrate this commitment an Ageing Well Plan for the Vale of Glamorgan has been developed to sit alongside the Community Strategy and deliver the PSB's vision for older people in the Vale. This can be found below.