Performance chart

Measuring Success

The Vale Public Services Board has made a commitment to measure and monitor the performance of its partnership work.


By doing so the partnership can drive improvement and efficiency to create better services for local residents. In addition to the below, PSB partnerships also have a range of policies and strategies in place with their own performance monitoring arrangements.


The performance management arrangements outlined below were established by the former Local Service Board and have since been adopted by the new 'Our Vale' Public Services Board to ensure momentum continues while the Vale's Well-being Plan is established.


Community Strategy and Delivery Plan 2014-18


Community Strategy Annual Report

The 2014-18 delivery plan focuses on tackling poverty, therefore in order to ensure progress of the Community Strategy as a whole continues to be monitored a Community Strategy Annual Report is produced.


Core Indicators

In light of the focused delivery plan, which contains a number of indicators with regards to tackling poverty, the need to continue monitoring the Community Strategy as a whole has been identified.


A set of core indicators has been agreed to provide a holistic overview of progress towards achieving the Community Strategy priority outcomes.


These can be found in the delivery plan and will be reported to the PSB through a core indicators report to be produced annually.



Delivery Plan

The delivery plan is designed to be a dynamic document which can be adapted in response to any emerging findings. The delivery plan progress reports provide opportunity for the lead delivery groups to suggest amendments to the PSB. Updates to the delivery plan will be published here.


Delivery Plan Progress Reports

The Poverty Alignment Group, Financial Inclusion Group and Improving Opportunities Board who lead on delivering the plan's workstreams will inform a series of regular progress reports which are presented to the PSB. This provides an opportunity for amendments to be suggested to the PSB and feedback from the board to the groups is provided at the next meeting of the group. Agreed changes will be incorporated into an updated delivery plan.