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Current Consultations

Our current consultations include the work of the Council as well as other public organisations that operate in the Vale.


Licensing Conditions and Guidance for Pet Shops, Dog Boarding Kennels and Boarding Catteries

The Vale of Glamorgan Licensing Committee are considering introducing new licensing conditions. To ensure that the new conditions and guidance meet the needs of licence holders and the council, we would like to hear what you think| about them.


Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

The Draft Vale of Glamorgan Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2013-14| is now available. This document assesses current levels of childcare and identifies any gaps in provision, allowing us to plan for the future and support parents/carers as best we can. As part of this piece of work, we consulted with parents/carers, childcare providers, employers, children and young people and other pertinent stakeholders. We would now like to hear your comments| about this report.  


Upcoming Consultations

The following consultation activities are due to begin shortly.


There are no upcoming public consultations. 


Public Information Sessions

When an issue generates particular public interest we often hold public information sessions and exhibitions. Here is what is currently underway or due to start soon in the Vale.


There are no planned public information sessions at the moment.



Recent Consultations

Here are some recent examples of what you said and how we listened.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council Draft Improvement Objectives 2014/15

The consultation period for the Draft Improvement Objectives 2014/15| has now closed. The responses will be analysed and used to inform the final Improvement Plan Part 1 2014/15 report. This report will be sent to Cabinet and Council for approval and will then be available on the Council website|.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council Arts Strategy 2014-2017

The Arts Strategy sets out a vision of what we would like to achieve for the arts in the Vale. It aims to provide a platform to create opportunities for the development of the arts locally and regionally.


Rhoose Point Byelaws Consultation

In order to combat increased reports of anti-social behaviour at the open spaces at Rhoose Point the Council is considering introducing byelaws to cover the area. To gain an understanding of the views of local residents a public consultation was undertaken. The results of this are now being analysed and will be reported during March 2014.


School Catchment Area Consultation

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is considering making some changes to school catchment areas. As part of this process a public consultation was undertaken in January and February 2014. The consultation closed on 01 March 2014. The comments made during the consultation will now be considered and the outcome announced during the summer term.


Llantwit Learning Community Consultation

The Council proposes to establish the Llantwit Learning Community to transform educational opportunities in Llantwit Major. The Llantwit Learning Community will be located on the current Llantwit Major Comprehensive, Llanilltud Fawr Primary and Ysgol Gymraeg Dewi Sant sites. So that we could better understand the views of the local community a public consultation was undertaken in January and February 2014. The responses to this consultation are currently being analysed. 


Consultation on a Proposal to Increase the Number of Welsh Medium School Places in Barry

The Council proposes to increase the number of Welsh medium school places in Barry by increasing the capacity of Ysgol Gwaun Y Nant from 210 to 420 places starting in September 2015. The proposal is designed to help meet the increased demand for Welsh medium education in Barry. To gauge parents' views on the issue a consultation was undertaken early in 2014. The results of this consultation are currently being analysed. Once they have been reported the full report will be made available online.


The Future of Library Services in the Vale

The Vale of Glamorgan library staff provide a successful and popular service. We need to find ways to protect this service and make it sustainable for the future. We have sought the views of both users and non-users of the Vale libraries to find out what would encourage them to use the libraries more, any extra facilities they would like to see in their libraries and if they had any ideas for cutting costs and generating income. 


The responses from this consultation are currently being analysed and will be used to help us develop the library service of the future.


Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2014/15 Consultation

The Council Tax Reduction Scheme, which helps to support households with the payment of their Council Tax, will be subject to new Welsh Government regulations from 1 April 2014. The Vale of Glamorgan Council has consulted with stakeholders to find out their views on three areas of discretion.


The responses to this consultation will be used to assist the Council in adopting the National Scheme with local discretions. The Council would like to thank all those who contributed.


Co-educational Schooling in Barry

During September and October 2013 the Council conducted a public consultation on the possibility of merging Barry Comprehensive School and Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School into a single mixed secondary school for Barry. The consultation focused on the principle of co-educational schooling and attracted a large number of responses.


The results showed parents to be strongly in favour of a change to coeducational schooling. The outcome of the consultation| was reported to the Council's Cabinet in December. Following this work has now begun on developing detailed proposals for a change to mixed schooling.


The future of the former Bryneithin site in Dinas Powys

A public consultation was recently undertaken to gain an understanding of the opinion of local residents on the future of the former Bryneithin site in Dinas Powys. The outcome of this consultation| has now been reported to the Council's Cabinet and the results have formed the basis for how the site will be developed.


Cashless School Meal Payments

The Council is in the process of implementing a cashless school meal payment system. This piece of work has been underway for some time and we wanted to get some feedback from parents on what we have done so far and our plans for the future. The results of this exercise are currently being analysed. Once they have been reported we will make the report available for you to read.


The summer survey of the new Vale Viewpoint citizens panel

We have recently asked the panel a series of questions on roads, parks and leisure facilities as well as a number of other issues in the latest survey of the Vale Viewpoint panel. The results will be available soon but you can find out more about our panel now.|


Penarth Cycle Route

A number of pieces of work are being undertaken in and around Penarth to provide the town with a high quality path that improves conditions for walking and cycling around the town. As part of this programme, a series of public exhibitions were held to discuss part of the disused railway line known as Railway Walk.


Possible 20mph Speed Limits for Penarth and Llandough

Earlier this year we asked Vale residents what they thought of the idea of 20mph speed limits for some areas of Penarth and Llandough. The results were very interesting| and we are now working on a way to develop plans in response to what our residents have told us.


The future of St Paul's Church in Penarth

In Spring 2013 residents of the St Augustine ward of Penarth were offered the opportunity to have a say on the future of St Paul's Church. A report of the results was then considered by cabinet and officers are now working to develop a way to deliver what residents what. Read the full report.|


The future of the St Cyres School site in Dinas Powys

The Council asked a great number of residents of the Vale what they felt was needed on the former St. Cyres' School site in Dinas Powys. All of the responses that we received are now being analysed. Find out more.|


Cemetery Approach

The public consultation on the future of the land at Cemetery Approach has now closed and the results have been reported to members of the Cabinet. Find out what the public have decided|.



Any questions?

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