Library Strategy Consultation - Part Three


Relocation of St Athan Library

One of the proposals of the library strategy is to relocate the library in St Athan to a more appropraite building.




Why is the Council considering moving the library in St Athan?

The library at St. Athan is housed in a building which was never designed to be a library. As a result it presents a number of long term issues.


The building structure has an uncertain future. It is mostly uninsulated and difficult to heat. Access can be very difficult for older or disabled library users, and there is little space inside to provide adequate services. The building is also in an area hidden from view, with minimal passing footfall and very poor parking. For these reasons we would like to see the library moved to another location within the village.


There have been some initial discussions with the operators of other community buildings in St Athan who would be happy to house a library facility. However, no decisions on potential sites have been taken



How can I have a say?

For the reasons outlined above it is considered necessary to relocate St Athan library to a more suitable community venue. At this stage we are just asking whether local residents and library users would be happy to see the library moved.


You can have your say on the future location of St Athan library by completing our online questionnaire or by attending one of the community drop-in sessions that are taking place during the consultation period.


Any questions?

If you have any questions about the library strategy consultation please feel free to contact us.