Public Space Protection Orders

We are proposing to create orders to deal with alcohol related anti-social behaviour in specified public places across the Vale of Glamorgan.



Currently, the consumption of alcohol is restricted in certain areas of the Vale of Glamorgan by Designated Public Protection Orders. These orders are due to expire in October 2017 and need to be renewed under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. The new orders, referred to as Public Space Protection Orders will work in the same way as the current orders. The order does not ban drinking alcohol in public places, but makes it an offence to carry on drinking alcohol when a police officer, or authorised person(s) asks the person to stop. Penalties include:

  • seizing and disposing of alcohol;
  • issuing a fixed penalty notice;or
  • prosecution


The Council intends to re-instate all of the current orders to comply with the new legislation. Details of the existing orders and their locations can be viewed below.



Map of existing orders


Please note that licensed premises or events with a temporary event notice within these areas are excluded from the order.


Have your say

We would like to hear from residents, businesses, visitors and other key stakeholders on the proposal to re-introduce these orders under new legislation. To do so, you can either:


1. Complete our online survey


2. Share your views in writing to the address below


3. Share your views by telephoning the number below


4. Request that a paper copy of the survey and a freepost envelope be sent to your home or business address


This consultation will run from Thursday 06 July until Thursday 17 August 2017.






    Vale of Glamorgan Council

    Civic Offices

    Holton Road


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