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Purpose of Report


1.         To provide the Group with an update of the structure change agreed by the Safer Vale Community Safety Partnership. 




2.                  The Safer Vale Partnership was established in 1997 in order to bring Partners together to tackle and reduce Crime and Disorder.  The Partnership is currently nearing the end of the 2005-2008 Strategy and over the past two years has contributed to a significant 12%.reduction of crime and disorder.


3.         The Vale of Glamorgan were unsuccessful in being a pilot area for a Local Service Board Development Project, however the Welsh Assembly Government has made clear its intention for early progress to be made in all areas.  This meant in effect that the current arrangements for Partnership working operating in the Vale of Glamorgan required a wholesale rethink, and the LSB is the catalyst for doing this.


4.         In addition there has been a Review of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 which the Safer Vale Partnership is responsible for implementing.  The review introduces new regulations in the form of a framework of National Standards and includes guidance on the role of the Community Safety Partnership. 


Relevant Issues and Options


5.                  In view of the imminent introduction of the Local Service Boards and the new Regulations, the Statutory Partners Group agreed that the their Group should be merged with the Safer Vale Community Safety Partnership to form a single group called the Safer Vale Strategy Group.  This would remove one tier of meetings which would avoid duplication and clarify the Community Safety Partnership decision making process. 

6.                  The Safer Vale Statutory Partners Group also felt this was an opportune time to also review the current working structure that was in existence and develop a clear, shared vision of priorities.  The revised priorities are:


-         Substance Misuse

-         Community Engagement

-         Youth Issues

-         Prolific and Persistent Offenders

-         Domestic Abuse


The overall structure is set out in Appendix 1|.


7.                  Task and finish groups will be established as and when a particular crime increases that requires a multi-agency approach in order to resolve issues quickly and the minimise impact on the community.


8.         A review of the current membership is also being undertaken in order to be more effective and to consider cross cutting issues.  This is currently in draft format and will be written into the Terms of Reference.


9.         By focusing on shared priorities it will enable the Partnership to plan and commission services over the next three years and have a greater impact on reducing Crime and Disorder.  The Partnership is committed to monitoring services to ensure best practice and to review outcomes in order to support change in the future. 

10.       The agreed Commissioning and Co-ordination group is currently in the process of being established and will include Statutory Partner representatives.


11.             The Safer Vale Community Safety Partnership is one of the key partnerships operating under the aegis of the Vale’s Local Service Board, and will play a full role in this respect with the other key partnerships.  The structure change has been endorsed by the Local Service Board’s Implementation Group.


Resource Implications (Financial and Employment)


12.       The restructuring will reduce the number of meetings attended by Council Members and Officers.        


Legal Implications (to include Human Rights Implications)


13.       There are no legal implications as a result of the restructure.


Crime and Disorder Implications


14.       By focusing on shared priorities it will contribute to a reduction in crime and disorder and also address the fear of crime.


Equal Opportunities Implications (to include Welsh Language Issues)


15.       The whole community would benefit (including hard to reach groups) from the restructure and enable all the community to be involved in problem solving.


Corporate/Service Objectives


16.       The restructure directly supports the Corporate Community Safety and Wellbeing objectives. ‘To make the Vale a safe and healthy place in which individuals, children and families can live their lives to the full.’


17.       The Community Safety Service objectives are:

-                     Working in Partnership to reduce crime and the fear of crime, providing a safer environment

-                     Implementation of the Council’s Section 17 duties


Policy Framework and Budget


18. This report is a matter for executive decision by the Cabinet.


Consultation (Including Ward Member Consultation)


19.       The Safer Vale Partnership has agreed the new structure, and it has also been endorsed by the Local  Service Board Implementation Group.


Appropriate Scrutiny Committee


20.            Community Wellbeing and Safety




            THAT Cabinet endorse the changes in the structure of the Safer Vale Community Safety Partnership.


Reasons for recommendations


            To apprise Cabinet on the new Community Safety Partnership structure


Background Papers - None


Contact Officer - Deborah Maurer, Acting Principal Community Safety Officer


Officers Consulted – Alun Billinghurst, Head of Public Protection


P H Evans

Director of Legal, Public Protection and Housing Services