Location Fees

The Sarah Jane Adventures - image courtesy of the BBC


Fees vary according to the Council property used as a location and any extra facilities required. There is also a fee for the preparation of a filming licence.


The Highways Department charges a facilities fee for filming on the highway.


Payment is required before filming commences. The Council reserves the right to charge cancellation fees, to cover the cost of lost bookings.


Fees are not charged for news reports and interviews.


Fees are not charged to students making films as part of their academic studies, or to registered charities making films in support of their activities.


The Council will:

  • Log the proposed filming to ensure, as far as possible, no conflicting use of the area.
  • Provide, if possible, supporting and background information through its Tourist Information Centres.
  • Provide, where possible, reasonable vehicular access and parking for filming/support vehicles.
  • Provide assistance in locating a suitable site wherever possible.