Penarth Beach is Safe to UseSunrise-from-Penarth


Published 15 April 2014


Following inspections of the area surrounding the recent landslip in Penarth the Vale of Glamorgan Council has told residents that the beach is safe to use.


Director for Visible Services, Miles Punter, said: "A number of Council officers have attended the site over the past two days. It is likely that the cliff in this area will continue to suffer from some minor falls for a short period of time. However, the beach below is safe to use so long as visitors use their common sense and walk at a safe distance from the base of the cliff. There are warning signs at both ends of this section of beach."


The Council undertakes annual inspections of all cliffs along the Vale’s coastline to assess any potential safety issues. Evidence gathered during previous inspections, as well as during our most recent site visits, suggests that this latest fall was caused by natural weathering of the cliff. There have been many falls of this nature and size along this section of coastline in the recent years."


Like most sections of the coastline in the Vale, the land at the top of the cliff is privately owned and responsibility for its upkeep lies with the landowner. Our officers met with a representative of the landowner on Monday to assess the situation and offered advice and guidance on how the effects of natural weathering could be mitigated in the future."