Renewable Heating for Council Homes


Published 24 April 2014


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has entered in to a contract with a company based in the Vale to install renewable heating to a number of its council homes this spring.


The homes are off the main gas grid and are classed as ‘hard to treat’ because they are expensive to improve and are extremely expensive to heat for the families living in them.


Six homes in the rural vale will have ground source heat pumps and solar water heating installed as part of the project. Homes in Llandow and Marcross were chosen due to their suitable locations, the families’ enthusiasm for the innovative heating improvements and the current poor heating systems.


Cllr Bronwen Brooks said: “I am delighted that we are using innovative technology in our tenants’ homes to help them to drive down their heating costs. Too many people live in fuel poverty and I am committed to finding ways to tackle this in the Vale.”


The heat pump performs the same role as a boiler does in a central heating system, but uses warm solar heat stored within the ground rather than burning fuel to generate heat. The Council is trialing the renewable heating improvements to monitor the performance of the installations in people’s homes and to see if they provide a good alternative form of heating when gas central heating is not available. Some of the results of the scheme will be analysed by Cardiff University.


The project is being delivered as part of the Council’s Housing Improvement Programme to meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard with the installation delivered by Enignada who are based in Llandow.


The Council is optimistic the new systems will perform well as they use heat from underground which is already warm and should provide cheaper heating for the residents. Some residents are elderly and are looking forward to ditching difficult to use coal powered heating to the new system which should provide constant and reliable low cost heating.