Vale Council to begin fundamental review and reshaping of services


Published 07 August 2014


Under plans due to be agreed next week, Vale residents, community groups and other public sector organisations will play a role in shaping how Vale of Glamorgan Council services will be delivered in the future.


The Council is launching a number of public engagement events which will allow a wide range of views on the future of services in the Vale to be heard.


The Council is beginning a programme of looking at new and innovative methods of delivering its services and is keen to involve all those who can help it to do so. This new way of working is set out in the Council’s “Reshaping Services” strategy and change programme which will go before Cabinet on 11 August.


Introducing the strategy Cllr Neil Moore, Leader of the Council, said: “Central government’s austerity drive has created a period of financial pressures in the public sector we haven’t seen the like of before.


“We will have to find over £10million savings in 2015/16 and more than £32 million in total over the next three years.


“‘Business as usual’ is simply not an option for the Council. If we want to continue to provide the services that we know our residents need, then we must find new ways of delivering them. Even though the Council has an excellent track record of delivering services economically and effectively, we know that we are now moving into new and unexplored territory. We have to be radical and innovative and consider how things could be done differently.”


According to many, a period of “permanent austerity” is now likely for councils across the UK for the foreseeable future. Without radical action, continued cuts to budgets will result in a steady decline in the quality and variety of public services. Only by considering new ways of working can local councils continue to provide a broad range of services and to an acceptable standard.


To address the challenges ahead the Council is launching a change programme which will affect all parts of the organisation.  It’s forecast that it will take three years to accomplish.