Love Thy Neighbour


Published Monday 10 February 2014


This Valentine’s Day why not extend the message of peace, happiness and tranquillity to thy neighbours. This is the message that the Safer Vale Partnership would like to promote at this time of year.


We are asking residents to think of their neighbours when it comes to everyday living habits to avoid any potential neighbour disputes or conflicts.


When you see your neighbour out and about, why not make an effort to stop and have a chat, get to know your neighbour and possibly see how you may be able to help each other out when the time comes.


If you’ve not already got a Neighbourhood Watch scheme set up in your area maybe think about setting one up and encouraging other residents to join. This would be an ideal opportunity for residents to work together to tackle issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour that may be happening in certain areas. If there is a scheme already running, why not arrange to join.


Anti Social Behaviour is an action likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. It may involve unruly and drunken behaviour, threatening and abusive language in a public place, graffiti or criminal damage. In a sense it is any behaviour, which prevents others enjoying an acceptable quality of life.


So behaviour such as playing loud music, having loud and unruly parties can affect the day to day living habits of your neighbours and is a disregard for the community and the personal well being of your neighbours. By all means enjoy life, but please think of your neighbours when you are having a good time.


If anyone is interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the Vale please contact us at the Safer Vale Partnership on 01446 450200.