Smoke free playground initiative rolled out across the Vale of Glamorgan


Published Thursday 06 February 2014


A new initiative in the Vale of Glamorgan is set to make playgrounds free from cigarette smoke and smoking related litter


Smoke free poster winnerCardiff and Vale Public Health Team have been working closely with the Vale of Glamorgan Council to implement the smoke free playground initiative across the Vale.


A pilot scheme was launched in November 2012 at Iolo Park, Barry which proved successful and as a result the initiative has been rolled out across the county.


Cllr Gwyn John, Vale council Cabinet member for Leisure, Parks, Culture and Sports Development said:  “As part of the Tobacco Control Action Plan for Wales (2012) the Welsh Government as well as ASH Wales are encouraging local authorities to promote smoke free playgrounds to protect children from the harmful effects of second hand smoke as well as assisting to ‘denormalise’ smoking within society. The Vale council is pleased to support this initiative.”


Chief executive of ASH Wales Elen de Lacy, said; "It is excellent news that playgrounds across the Vale of Glamorgan will now be safer environments for children as a result of this decision to make play areas smoke-free. Children and young people have a right to play and meet with their friends in a clean environment, free not only from the dangers of second hand smoke but also cigarette litter. We hope that members of the public will help enforce the ban and bring about a change of attitudes towards smoking around young people. We want to see smoking banned in every play area in Wales and we urge other councils to follow their lead."


All primary schools in the Vale of Glamorgan were invited to take part in a ‘design a smoke free sign’ poster competition. The winning poster was designed by Caitlin Meadows a year 6 pupil from Romilly Primary School in Barry. As from December 2013 the winning poster along with the ASH Wales recommended signage is displayed at all fenced playgrounds across the Vale of Glamorgan.