Successful Dry January


Published Monday 10 February 2014


Following the Christmas period three members of the Safer Vale Partnership successfully completed ‘Dry January’, abstaining from alcohol for 31 days.


The aim of Dry January was to get people thinking and talking about their drinking and inspire behaviour change following a month of no alcohol.


Dry-JanuaryThe benefits of giving up alcohol for a short period include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Feel better  
  • Losing weight 
  • Improved skin and hair quality  
  • Saving money

These are some of the benefits that were reported by some of the 4,500 people who signed up to Dry January in 2012, and more than 80% of those people said they would drink less during the rest of the year as a result of their experience.


We are absolutely clear that this challenge is not a detox or for those with dependency issues and should never be promoted as such. It’s aimed at the huge number of people who are steadily drinking a bit too much, too often.


And there are plenty of us at it: 10 million people in the UK are drinking over recommended guidelines and the health implications of this can be seen on almost every ward of every hospital up and down the country.


For the members of the Safer Vale that took part, Licensing Officer, PC Dave Barrett said: “I can’t believe how different I feel, and my wallet feels a lot healthier too! I certainly won’t be going back to previous drinking habits.”


Gethin Robinson, Data Analyst, and Deb Gibbs, Manager of the Safer Vale also took part.


Julie Madoc Smart, Police Sergeant at Safer Vale said: “I’m really proud of members of Safer Vale for taking part in this challenge and successfully completing it.”


Now the 31 day challenge is complete, the challenge is to continue the good work by having at least 2 alcohol free days a week to reduce the harm caused by alcohol.