New homes for Porthkerry


Published Monday 13 January 2013


Porthkerry Wildlife Group recently joined the ranger service to put out over 50 Dormouse tubes


DormouseThe tubes have been put out in areas of woodland which are suitable habitat for dormice and will help provide ideal nesting sites for these endearing mammals.


Dormice are arboreal creatures, spending most of their time foraging for berries, nuts and insects in trees and hedges.  Couple this with the fact that they are also nocturnal and sleep for half of the year helps explain why they are rarely seen in the wild.


Mel Stewart, Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Country Park Ranger, said: “Funding for the Dormouse tubes came from a grant from Natural Resources Wales. It is really exciting to think that we might actually find dormice living in our woods.”

Porthkerry Wildlife Group meets every two weeks and is suitable for total beginners and experts alike.


So if  you want to learn a bit more about the insects, bird life, flowers, mushrooms and mammals of the park, have a go at surveying and recording, learn where bats go in winter and what slow worms eat, come along.


For more information, contact the ranger Mel Stewart:


The next meeting will be held at the Forest Lodge in Porthkerry on Sunday 26 January 2014 at 11.00am.