Taxi Driver Loses Ban Appeal




Published 15 July 2014


A taxi driver who had his licences revoked for alleged sexual offences has had his appeal refused by Cardiff Magistrates Court.


Ibrahim Gashi had held his Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Licences since 2007, but had them revoked after he was arrested in connection with an alleged incident involving a female passenger.


Gashi was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a female passenger in his taxi before then taking her home.  The Vale of Glamorgan Council argued that he broke the Vale of Glamorgan Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Driver Conditions, which states that Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers are expected to behave at all times in a civil, orderly and reasonable manner.


Criminal charges were never brought, but the Vale of Glamorgan Council stood by its officers’ decision to revoke Mr Gashi’s licences, stating that his actions on that night breached their stringent conditions.


The Magistrate addressed Mr Gashi at his appeal hearing, saying: “You are acting as a public servant in the course of your employment and it was you who instigated sexual intercourse with a fee paying passenger who was either drunk or very emotional. Under these circumstances, we uphold the decision of the Council.”


Leader of the Council, Neil Moore, said: “Residents in the Vale of Glamorgan must be entitled to travel securely, safe in the knowledge that our taxi and hackney carriage drivers are reliable, honest and trustworthy, particularly when anyone is travelling alone.


“This sends a very clear message to everyone, that this sort of behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated in the Vale of Glamorgan.”