The most physically active area in Wales


Published 13 June 2013


The Vale of Glamorgan is officially the most active place in Wales according to recent statistics published by Sport Wales.


49% of adults in the Vale of Glamorgan take part in sport or undertake physical activity at least 3 times a week compared to a national average of 39%. The survey also asked adults to rate their own assessment of their current health and again the Vale of Glamorgan scored highest in this category.


Cllr. Neil Moore, Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council, said: “It is great to see that adults in the Vale are the most active in Wales. The Council has worked very hard to encourage greater levels of physical activity and has invested £3million in its leisure centres at a time when other councils have looked to close facilities.


The links between having access to good quality sporting facilities and good health are clearly illustrated by this survey and I am delighted that our investment is proving to be a wise one.”


Cllr. Gwyn John, Cabinet Member for Leisure and Sports Development, added: “This is a very encouraging set of statistics for the Vale of Glamorgan and demonstrates that the Vale is a good area to both live and work in.

No matter how exercise you do, there are always opportunities to try new activities and become more physically active. I would encourage everyone to visit their local leisure centre and see the activities now on offer.”


Sport Wales Manager, Tom Overton, stated that “Sport Wales supports various sporting initiatives in the Vale of Glamorgan and it is therefore encouraging to see the levels of activity in the county increasing since this survey was last carried out.


The results build upon the success the Vale achieved in the recent School Sport Survey and sets the standard for other areas to attempt to match.”


The Operational Manager for Leisure and Tourism, David Knevett, added “The levels of adult physical activity in the Vale of Glamorgan recorded in this survey are extremely encouraging.



This would also not be possible without the volunteers and sports clubs that operate in the area who provide significant opportunities for people to become physically active.


The Council is always keen to promote new clubs via its sports development team and can often provide valuable support and advice to new and existing clubs. The Sports Development Team can be contacted on 01446 704793.