Vale Council Shortlisted for Local Government Award


Published 17 June 2014


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has been shortlisted for the Community Investor category in the MJ Local Government Achievement Awards 2014.


Vale Council Community Investor AwardThe awards, held by the Municipal Journal magazine and supported by the Local Government Association, will take place at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, on 19 June.


The Vale Council is one of only six shortlisted from over 300 applications for the Community Investor award, which is given to departments that have displayed true innovation, genuine value for money, and outcomes that deliver a sustained social dividend, despite continual funding cuts from central government.


The award seeks to recognize innovation in local government, where local authorities have identified new ways to support otherwise unaffordable development and social infrastructure in their communities.


In August 2012 the Homelessness and Housing Advice team assisted its last family occupying B&B accommodation, and has since established an alternative temporary accommodation resource, completely eradicating the use of B&Bs with a substantial saving of £400,000 in one year.


With financial and social pressures ever increasing the team have put an increased emphasis on preventing homelessness, recognising the importance of softer approaches to advice, support and information, and social inclusion.


As a result, the newly renovated 21 room council owned hostel, Ty Iolo, now provides a perfect environment and staffing resource for many of these initiatives but more importantly is now seen as a valuable resource by residents and the wider community.