Invite to Commonwealth flag ceremony


Published Tuesday 04 March 2014


The Vale of Glamorgan Council will join other local authorities throughout the United Kingdom to mark Commonwealth Day on Monday 10 March 2014.


The ceremony will take place outside the Civic Offices in Barry, beginning at 9.20am with the Commonwealth flag being raised at 10am and the people of the Vale are welcome to attend.


The short ceremony will include the Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Cllr Margaret Wilkinson reading the Commonwealth Affirmation and Vice Lord Lieutenant Sir Brooke Boothby reading a message from HM the Queen. 


Order of Proceedings

9.20am: RAF Voluntary Band to be in position on Civic Office forecourt - playing while guests are arriving

9.30am: Guests arriving – staff will be on hand to guide to standing area

9.40am: RAF contingent to take position on Civic Office forecourt

9.45am: Mayor, Vice Lord Lieutenant to take position at Lectern

9.50am: Welcome and speech from the Mayor, Message from HM the Queen read by the Vice Lord Lieutenant and Mayor to read the Commonwealth Affirmation

9.55am: RAF Voluntary Band to play Welsh National Anthem and RAF - General Salute and Present Arms

10.00am: RAF – General Salute and Present Arms, Raising of Commonwealth Flag, RAF Voluntary Band to play National Anthem, RAF contingent to march off then Mayor, Vice Lord Lieutenant and guests to Corporate Suite for refreshments