Major flood alleviation works starts in Barry


Published Monday 03 March 2014


Land clearance works have begun along the Coldbrook catchment in Barry in preparation for a £2million flood risk management scheme. 


The initial clearance work due for completion in early March, involves the removal of a large number of trees in Stream Field, off Dyfan Road Barry to widen the existing water course and reduce the ground level to provide additional capacity to store flood waters.


In 2007, over 100 properties along the catchment suffered flooding due to a high rainfall event. The flood risk management scheme due to start in the summer, aims to lessen the flows at the upper end of the catchment to allow for a slower release of excess water into the lower catchment, providing long term protection.
The land clearance work has been undertaken utilising professional ecology advice and will be concluded prior to the start of the bird nesting season.  Trees will also be replanted to replace the number of those removed.
The land concerned will remain useful public open space and after the construction phase will be returned to a mixture of grassed areas and trees.  


It is not intended that flood waters be stored on this site for any length of time and the storage created will only come into use at extreme rainfall events when user numbers at the Stream Field site would be at a minimum.


Miles Punter, Director of Visible and Housing Services, said: “I would apologise for any inconvenience or concern caused to nearby residents by this initial work but I hope they will understand the need to use Council owned land in this way to provide protection from future flooding. 


The effects of flooding can be devastating and civil engineering schemes to reduce flood risk are by their very nature intrusive.  The land will be returned to a useful open space, though its appearance will be affected in the short.”


The entire scheme is due to be completed by the end of 2014/2015 and a series of public meetings will be arranged for residents to view the scheme plans prior to the main contract work commencing.