Comingled Recycling Could Be Thrown Out for Good


Published 15 May 2014


The National Assembly for Wales is holding an inquiry into recycling in Wales, and is asking for people’s views.


The Environment and Sustainability Committee is setting up the inquiry to look into how happy Welsh residents are with their recycling services, and is inviting people to give their opinions via their website or via social media by using the Twitter hashtag #recyclewales.


The purpose of the inquiry is to ‘explore current local authority household waste recycling practice and arrangements across Wales’. The outcome of this could be for the National Assembly to support Welsh Government’s blueprint for ‘source segregated recycling collection’. This would require co-mingling councils, such as the Vale, to move away from that system and adopt another way of collecting recyclable waste.


Cllr Rob Curtis, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “Our comingled recycling system has been very successful but it would appear that the Welsh Government would like us to move away from this.


The Vale of Glamorgan Council is committed not only to increasing recycling rates but to doing so in a way that suits our residents. There is a chance that Vale residents could be forced to use a more complicated system unless they speak up.


We think comingling works very well for our residents, and we would like to encourage everyone in the Vale who feels the same to make their voices heard.”


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